School Bullet Journal Setup: Corona Edition | Back to School 2020 (School Bullet Journal Update #6)

Welp, my school year hasn’t even started yet and I already have rearrange my school bullet journal spreads because my school just changed its plan for the upcoming year, but it’s fine.

(We’re virtual for the first month, hybrid after that, with a completely different daily schedule than was originally planned—I’m happy about this overall, but the bullet journalist in me is salty at the wasted Leuchtturm pages I used to map out my school days according to the previously-planned schedule.)

Anyway, I’ll have to re-do my schedule page and some of the times I’ve written into my weekly spreads, but I figured I could still show you all what I’ve made so far. I think it’ll be extra important this year to make sure we have a good planner system since many of us are going back virtually, so I hope this is helpful to some of you!

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Photo of a monthly bullet journal spread for September, with a pack of pink highlighters, an eraser, and text reading 'School Bullet Journal Setup 2020-21' and 'Blossoms and Bullet Journals

Firstly, a little bit of background in case you haven’t read my earlier school bullet journal posts:

I keep two bullet journals: one I think of as my “real” bullet journal, and then the one I use for school. I mostly use it to keep track of homework assignments because personally, it’s easier for me when I keep that stuff separate from everything else that goes into my actual bujo.

Cover page

This is my cover page and timetable setup at the moment—simple enough. I completed my Mildliner collection this spring, so I was very happy to have the full range of colors available for this year’s color coding. 😉

An open bullet journal with lettering on the left reading '2020-2021;' on the right, there's a color-coded class schedule titled 'Senior Year'

Then I have my calendar for the full year, with a color assigned to each month as well. I’ve also blocked out off days from school and the end of each quarter.

An open bullet journal with a series of mini, hand-written calendars from September-June on the left, and a blank page on the right

I was planning on leaving the opposite page blank for notes, but I may end up using that space for the new version of my timetable.

Here’s my monthly spread model! I’ve jazzed this up a bit from last year. If I can’t have a fun senior year, I might as well have some especially fun bullet journal spreads. 🤷‍♀️

(I hope this doesn’t come off like I’m complaining too much because I definitely am really lucky to be safe and able to partake in school from home! I just also really miss regular school and hope I get to go back sometime soon.) (Maybe that would happen if the president wasn’t so incompetent 🤡)

Bullet journal monthly spread with a medium-sized calendar for September, various pink photos, grid-patterned washi tape, and a 'notes' section

weekly spread

And here’s the basic framework I’ll be using for my weekly spreads. Like last year, I have a column for each day of the school week; unlike last year, I’ve also allotted space in each column to map out my daily schedule.

Because everything is so different and confusing this year, I thought it would be useful to have this space not only to fill in my classes each day, but to plan out how I want to use my free time in between classes/in free periods/etc., since I’ve found that it’s harder to manage this when I’m sitting at home doing virtual school.

Bullet journal spread with five columns, one for each day of the school week, with rows for each class period of the day and space at the bottom for homework assignments

This layout may change a little bit as I adapt to whatever happens in September and October, so I’ll probably post another update at some point!

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That’s it for my spreads so far! Here are a few of my previous school bullet journal posts if you’d like some more inspiration:

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Let's Chat

Thanks for reading! Feel free to drop a comment with any thoughts on the upcoming school year, what planner you’ll be using, etc., and let me know if you’d like to see another update partway through the school year. (I think I said I would do this during my junior year and I never got around to it, but I definitely want to post one this year since I feel like it’s a lot easier to understand my system when you can actually see classes and assignments written in.)

Also, let me know if you’re also a part of Zoom class of 2021 and we can commiserate together!!

I hope you all and your families are safe and healthy, and I wish the very best of luck to all of you who are also going back to school!

♥ Annie

Pinnable image with a close-up of a bullet journal monthly spread and text reading 'My 2020-21 Bullet Journal for Virtual School' and 'Blossoms and Bullet Journals'


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  2. This is really cool! I wish I had heard of Bullet Journals before I’d finished school and university! I think having set blocks when you’re working from home is really important to keep you honest with yourself. Hope your school year goes ok though, despite the added challenges!

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