Annie’s Adventures | Autumn ’20 Update

A plant in front of a window, with orange-leaved trees outside and white stars overlaid on top of the image; text reads "Autumn '20 Update"

Hi friends! Welcome back to another update post.


Here’s what I’ve been doing since I last updated you:

  • I spent a lot of time volunteering with the Poll Hero Project in the lead up to the election here in the US, and I was able to be a poll worker on Election Day!! A lot of work, but so rewarding to be able to help people vote (especially since I wasn’t able to vote myself).
  • P.S. right now we’re working on registering voters for the Georgia Senate runoff elections! If you live in Georgia you can register here. (Please send the link to anyone you know who lives there!)
  • And of course!! I am overjoyed that the Biden-Harris team will move into the White House this winter!! They have so many issues and we will need to work to hold them accountable and push them further left, but I am just so relieved that the clown (Joe’s words, not mine) is leaving office.
  • My family went to a drive-in movie!
  • School started—first all online, then hybrid, and now back to online. It has been a wild ride :/
  • There was a brief period of time where my softball team was able to have masked, socially distant practices outdoors!
  • I applied to college! (And have gotten into a few places!)
  • My city is starting to put more restrictions in place as covid cases continue to rise, so I’m just kinda hanging out at my house, and probably will be for quite some time. I’m really lucky to be safe and having a relatively easy time staying at home.

Goals for the Winter:

  • Read lots of books
  • Volunteer for the Georgia Senate runoff elections
  • Finish applying to colleges
  • Get lots of sleep


CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3 | I didn’t even know Jaden Smith was a musician until recently but damn I am completely obsessed with this album now.

Izzy Snapshots | I stumbled across this vlogger at the end of the summer and I love her videos so much!! They’re very chill and fun to watch as I’m getting ready to go to college.

Nayna Florence | Another YouTuber I recently discovered!

Cookies and cream Pop-Tarts | I was not expecting these to be good, but somehow, they are.

Steve Kornacki | He’s just…the best.

Among Us | I finally got this game and it’s been a fun time.

Chloe Moriondo | I found this artist a few days ago and I LOVE their music and I am in awe that she’s literally only 18 years old. GIRL ON TV is such a bop!!


A (short) list of posts I’ve published recently:

Let's Chat

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all are doing as okay as possible and staying safe. Sending lots of love!

♥ Annie

A plant in front of a window, with orange-leaved trees outside and white stars overlaid on top of the image; text reads "Autumn '20 Update" and "Blossoms and Bullet Journals"


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