School Bullet Journal Setup for the 2019-20 School Year | Back to School 2019 (School Bullet Journal Update #5)

Hello, bullet journalists! I just started creating spreads in my new bullet journal for the upcoming school year, so I’m popping in today to share some of those with you all. I will admit, I have mixed feelings about summer ending, but there’s nothing like a new Leuchtturm notebook to get you excited to go back to school!

School Bullet Journal Setup for the 2019-20 School Year | Back to School 2019 (School Bullet Journal Update #5)

I use my school bullet journal to keep track of assignments, tests, and other school related things. You can browse more of my school bullet journal posts here.

Cover Page
Cover page

My cover page for this year is nice and simple, with just the years and nothing else. On the next spread, I’ve drawn out my schedule for the first semester and set aside a page for notes. (I usually don’t take notes in my school bullet journal, but I always leave a little space to jot down important information in the first few days of school, like my locker combination, etc.)

Timetable and notes

For my monthly spreads this year, I’m doing a calendar layout and using my Mildliner highlighters to add color—the lines at the bottoms of some of the boxes signify the days when I don’t have school.

Monthly spread
weekly spread

Just like last year, my new weekly spreads have a very simple, vertical setup, which I’ve found is the best and most efficient way for me personally to keep track of my assignments.

Weekly spread
Let's Chat

I have more spreads set up for the rest of the school year (I like to plan all of my school spreads in advance), but it would be a bit boring for me to be showing you the same sort of weekly spread over and over again, so that’s all for now.

If you’re a fellow student, let me know in the comments—how are you feeling about starting school? (Or have you already started?) Do you use any bullet journal techniques for your schoolwork? I hope you all have great years!

♥ Annie

16 thoughts on “School Bullet Journal Setup for the 2019-20 School Year | Back to School 2019 (School Bullet Journal Update #5)

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  2. Hi Annie!! I know it’s been nearly a year since you posted this, but I just wanted your opinion on something. I’m considering starting a school bullet journal like you do for the upcoming school year (I’ll be a homeschooled junior), but I can’t decide if I will have time to do a second bullet journal. Any advice?

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    1. Hi Corinne!! I would say it depends on how detailed you want your school journal spreads to be and whether you plan on setting them up in advance. I kept mine minimal and set up spreads for the entire year over summer break, which saved me loads of time once I was actually in school and had the whole journal ready to go. If you want to set everything up beforehand, or even make the spreads as you go throughout the school year but with a simple, functional layout, I’d say go for it! For me, a bit of extra time spent setting up was worth it for the ability to have a fully customized planner, but it definitely depends. I hope this helps, and good luck with junior year!! ❤️


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  4. your bullet journaling skills 😍😍😍 HOW IS YOUR HANDWRITING REAL?? it looks like it was printed, im entirely impressed. i love the simplicity and yes pls share more bullet journal pics (it’s not repetitive, it’s beautiful)
    good luck with starting back school!!

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    1. Yes. My other bullet journal is my primary one, and then I have my school journal, which is much less journal-y and more like a regular planner, except I get to design it myself so it works best for my needs. I decided to separate the two because I felt that my life would be more organized if I kept all of my schoolwork in one place, and I was also worried about bringing my regular journal to school since it’s so important to me 😅

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