Phomemo Pocket Printer Review

Using a printer as a tool for bullet journaling has always been something I’ve been curious about, so I was super excited when Phomemo reached out to me about reviewing their pocket printer. I’ve had a lot of fun trying it out, and I’m happy to be sharing my review today with you all.

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion on the product.

There are a decent amount of mini printers out there, but I think the concept behind the Phomemo printer is one that really stands out—it doesn’t require any ink, and instead uses heat technology to print, which I think is really cool.

The printer uses a USB charging system, and the battery life seems to be pretty long—so far, I’ve only had to charge mine once, and from what I’ve read about the printer, three hours of charging will make it last up to two weeks.

Phomemo Pocket Printer Review

Another great aspect of the printer is that it prints through an app and connects to your phone using Bluetooth. My phone connected with the printer seamlessly, and I’ve been able to print both photos and text.

Phomemo Pocket Printer Review
The Phomemo app allows you to put text inside a speech bubble and print it.

I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to set up the printer itself and how to set up the paper roll, but after I figured it out, I haven’t had any problems with the printer functioning.

Phomemo Pocket Printer Review

The paper that I’ve been using with the printer is sticker paper, which has been pretty awesome for me, because I’ve been able to print photos and stick them right into my bullet journal. The sticker paper has been super easy to use in my journal, and when it prints, there’s a little lip that makes it easy to peel the sticker away from the backing. Transparent paper is also available as a refill, which sounds pretty neat.

Phomemo Pocket Printer Review

One other strength that I’ll add is that the printer comes in a nice variety of colors—it’s available in cyan (that’s the one that I have—the color is gorgeous), white, pink, black, and even a piano design.

Phomemo Pocket Printer Review

There are a few ways in which I feel the printer could be improved: firstly, I would be really happy if the printer was able to print in color. (It currently only prints in black and white.)

Credit for the image I printed for this page: vector created by macrovector –

I also feel that the photo quality could definitely be improved. When printing less detailed images that I found online, they turned out pretty clearly, but when printing some photos, the quality hasn’t been quite as great, and I feel that image quality is pretty important for a printer.

Phomemo Pocket Printer Review

The only other downside I’ve noticed is that, according to the Phomemo website, images printed from thermal printers eventually fade, which is a bummer, but they look pretty cool right now.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I think that the Phomemo printer has a lot of really great ideas behind it. It could use some refining—I would love if it could print in color, and I think that the photo quality could be improved—but it definitely has lots of potential.

Phomemo Pocket Printer Review

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Website | The printer I used | Amazon

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11 thoughts on “Phomemo Pocket Printer Review

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  4. That’s pretty amazing. I know it’s only black and white, but it’s basically using the technology of an old style thermal fax machine to print from your device via bluetooth onto tiny paper for your journal. I’ve been looking at small photo printers just to see what’s out there for this very purpose. Thanks for taking the time to review it.

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      1. Lea

        I think this thing is really cool!
        I guess(or lets say i know) that this wouldnt work with colour, because its done with heat. And we all know that everything that burns turns black and not red green blue or yellow.
        That would need ink and than its going to be expensive again🤷🏽‍♀️

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