Plan with Me | Bullet Journal Setup for June 2018

Happy weekend! And happy long weekend to those who are in the US like myself—I’m so glad to be off school for three days! I managed to squeeze in some time earlier this week to set up my bullet journal for June, and I’m excited to share it with you all. Hope you enjoy!

Btw, this is my 100th blog post! Thank you all for supporting me. 🙂

One Line a Day

My first page this month is my one line a day. It wasn’t supposed to be the first page, but it just worked out that way, so I went with it.

Cover Page

This June cover page is basically just the first plant doodles that popped into my head. For the lettering, I wrote June with a Tombow pen, outlined the letters, and filled them in with dots from the bottom up, gradually spreading them out for a gradient effect.

cover page

Monthly Log

I decided to increase the size of the boxes in my monthly spread for June so there’s a bit more space—other than that, this page isn’t too different.

monthly log

Blog Calendar

Here’s my blog planner for June, where I’ll plan out my posts for the month. (Read this post to learn more about how I use this spread.)

blog calendar

Habit Tracker

I went with a simple feel for my habit tracker, with just the basic framework and a few flower doodles (in continuation with the plant theme).

habit tracker

I hope you liked this quick setup post! Let me know in the comments—how will you be setting up your bullet journal for June?

♥ Annie

Plan With Me | June 2018

10 thoughts on “Plan with Me | Bullet Journal Setup for June 2018

  1. HAPPY 100th POST! throws confetti I love your bujo theme! Its very cute and aestetic. I just started bullet journaling two months ago and even though mine is not as half as good as yours, I am very proud of it (mistakes and all).
    -Katie K

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  2. Jessica N

    Great post! I love your setup and the pictures are very well made! Looking for inspiration for my own bullet journal, since what I had in mind didn’t work out how I wanted it to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Jessica! That stinks that your journal hasn’t been working out—I’ve certainly had that happen before. Just keep trying—I’m sure you’ll get it. And looking for inspiration is a great strategy. I always feel ready to create some amazing spreads after reading a good blog post or watching a plan with me video!

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