6 Ways to Customize Your Notebook Cover

Having a notebook is obviously an essential part of journaling and planning; in fact, it’s one of just two things you absolutely need in order to start a bullet journal (the other is a writing utensil). Some people prefer to leave their notebook covers clean and empty, but some decide to decorate. If you’re one of the latter (or if you’d like to be, or if you’re just curious), you’ve come to the right place! I’ve assembled a list of 6 ways in which people have decorated their notebooks—some ideas were collected from around the planning community, and some of the photos are of my own previous journals.

#1: Cover your notebook with stickers

Covering your journal with stickers is a really fun option. When I recently began a new bullet journal, I decided to try this out, and I am super thrilled with the result. I ordered a bunch of stickers from Redbubble (I got a 50% discount for buying 10!) and covered my notebook with things that I’m passionate about! I’ll link the specific stickers here: Succulents | Wave | Hermione | Feminism is cool |Steve Harrington | Black Lives Matter

bujo volume 4

#2: Draw on your notebook

Depending on the type of notebook you have, you may be able to draw or write on your journal cover. This works better on covers made of less glossy materials like paper or cardboard (like this one), and certain pens work better than others, but if you can get this to work, it looks really cool! Try lettering your name or drawing something fun. Krysten @ohhellolettering made this adorable cover with hanging plant doodles and a lettered motto:

#3: Label your journal with archiving stickers

Some notebooks, like my Leuchtturm1917, come with archiving stickers. (You can also find blank stickers that you can write on.) These are perfect for cataloging your notebooks and will help you know at a glance when a journal is from and its purpose. I usually put stickers on the fronts of my notebooks and on the spine.

bujo volume 3

#4: Use letter stickers to spell a word

Kim @tinyrayofsunshine used these adorable floral letter stickers to spell out her name. You could also try writing the year or a favorite word/phrase.

#5: Make a pen holder for your notebook

This idea is super helpful because you’re always gonna need a writing utensil on hand. I couldn’t find the exact tutorial I used to make mine, but here is a how-to from Megan @ Page Flutter that looks pretty much the same. One thing to look out for if you choose this idea is what sort of pen you’re using—in my experience, Sakura Micron pens are very secure inside my pen holder, but my Faber-Castell pitt artist pens and Pilot Metropolitan have slipped out. It all depends on how good the clip on the end of your pen is.

notebook customization_bujo volume 1

(Yes unfortunately I did spill ink on this pen holder…oh, well.)

#6: Get a journal cover

I got this journal sleeve thingy at Target and it’s really nice! They look good, they protect your notebook, and this one even has a little zipper pocket where you can store pens. I’m sure there are lots of Etsy shops that sell them as well. Just make sure you get one that’s the right size for your notebook!

practice bujo

let's chat_banner

How do you decorate your notebooks? Or do you choose not to decorate? Did you find any ideas you want to try out? Let me know in the comments!

♥ Annie

6 Ways to Customize Your Notebook Cover


6 thoughts on “6 Ways to Customize Your Notebook Cover

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury

    I decorated mine last year! I ended up just using washi tape and running strips up and down it?! But I loved how it turned out.😂And this year my notebook had a cute unicorn on it so I decided to keep it plain like that! But I LOVE the idea of decorating them, I think it makes it more personal and fun.💖

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