Setting up My New Bullet Journal!!! | February ’18

I’m starting a new journal!!! I am so excited to show you the spreads I’ve created in my beautiful nordic blue notebook. ❤ (It’s a Leuchtturm1917 notebook in medium with dot grid—I got it from Artist & Craftsman.) A lot of the pages I made are similar to the beginning of my last bujo (if you’re new here, you can check that out here) but I have definitely added some improvements!

P.S. I’m doing a separate post for my February plan with me, so keep an eye out for that…it should be up next week!

setting up my new bullet journal!!!_header

For the first time ever, I decorated my notebook cover! I am super pleased with how it turned out!! Redbubble was having a huge holiday sale in December, so I got these and a couple other stickers for really cheap. Here are the links to the separate stickers if you’re interested: feminism, succulents, Hermione, BLM, Stranger Things, wave.

setting up my new bullet journal!!!
setting up my new bullet journal!!!

The first page is always the index! I’m thinking I’ll highlight each monthly log I write in the index with the month’s color.

setting up my new bullet journal!!!
setting up my new bullet journal!!!

I think this is one of my favorite cover pages I’ve ever drawn! I combined two of my favorite things: succulents and polaroids.

future log_banner

Similar to my last future log, but this time, I’ve added a little more space and a large section at the end for 2019.

setting up my new bullet journal!!!

I’ve seen a lot of bullet journalists use this layout to track their mood throughout the entire year, and I’m very excited to try it out. I’ll be using this ‘year in pixels’ page in lieu of my usual monthly mood trackers.

setting up my new bullet journal!!!
setting up my new bullet journal!!!

I always have a page to write down collections (lists) I want to make in my journal.

setting up my new bullet journal!!!
setting up my new bullet journal!!!

Now on to the reading spreads! This first page is to track the books I read, and the second is for drawing books I want to read. I’ll be using it just for my immediate tbr—mostly books I already have but haven’t read yet.

setting up my new bullet journal!!!
setting up my new bullet journal!!!

I tried to make an book releases spread last time around, but it failed because I didn’t have enough space (I only used one page), so I’ve expanded to two pages!

setting up my new bullet journal!!!
setting up my new bullet journal!!!

I use this spread, inspired by christina77star, to track my blog statistics. I only made rows up until August, because I’m pretty sure my journal won’t last longer than seven months.

setting up my new bullet journal!!!

For obvious reasons, I have not yet filled in this page. It’s very straightforward: I just write down the website, my username, and my password. I created a passwords spread when I first started bullet journaling, and now I always know my passwords to everything!

let's chat_banner

Do you like to decorate your notebooks? How many months can you fit into your bullet journal? There is certainly a wide range—I know some bullet journalists can fill a notebook in three months, and some can fit a whole year into one notebook. For me, it generally takes 5-7 months.


♥ Annie

setting up my new bullet journal!!!

11 thoughts on “Setting up My New Bullet Journal!!! | February ’18

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  4. Cait @ Paper Fury

    THIS IS GORGEOUS AND GOALS. 😍😍I tried bullet journalling last year and horribly failed and this year I’m trying just to keep a reading log, except the notebook I have has a really stiff spine and is not fabulous. (But it was pretty?!) 😭 So I’m thinking of starting again tbh. I love all your sections and the password page is actually brilliant because I’m forever forgetting mine. 😂 I also admire you only have two pages for anticipated releases haha! I have so many pages it’s ridiculous.😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG THANK YOU! It’s too bad bullet journaling didn’t work for you, but having just a reading log is a great idea! It would definitely be nice to have more space to plan out my enormous tbr! It’s so hard to find notebooks that are pretty but also function properly?! I really like the Leuchtturm one that I have now, but it’s definitely an investment. Lol, I tried to fit all of my anticipated releases on one page last year and it did NOT work out.


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