How to Track Reading in Your Bullet Journal

How to Track Reading in Your Bullet Journal

Have you ever been given a book recommendation and forgotten the title five seconds later? Had a bunch of ideas for books to read but couldn’t remember any when you actually had time to read? Wanted somewhere to write down reactions to a book you just finished because you have zero memory?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re in luck! I this post, I’ve compiled a list of 8 bullet journal spreads that will help you keep track of your reading. I’m a bullet journal blogger and a book blogger, so I figured this is the perfect way to combine these two passions of mine into one super awesome post! 😉

tbr bookshelf.graphic


Draw a bookcase and write in all of the books you want to read. You can organize by genre like I did, or not. Then, color in a book once you’ve read it.

books read this year.graphic


Keep a running list of all the books you’ve read this year. I like to include the title, author, how I rated the book, and the date I finished it, but you can include whatever information you’d like. You may notice my list in the photo above starts at 39—that’s because I’ve carried this spread over from my previous journal, but I didn’t want to re-write all of my books in the new journal.

#3: monthly reading tracker.graphic


(Thanks to my friend Anaya for inspiring this layout )

If you prefer to track your reading by month rather than have a page for the whole year, this spread is perfect. In this picture, I’ve written  just book titles on a sky-themed page, but you could customize it it a ton of ways. You could do more of a list format, include more details about the books, etc.



Many readers like to make a list with the books they hope to read in the next month. I tried this a few times and it didn’t really work for me, but  know having a monthly to be read list is helpful for a lot of people.

#5: summer read


In addition to updating my yearly books read list, I also like to track how many books I read each summer—I usually have a heck of a lot more reading time once school is out. This past summer, I made a bookshelf (similar to layout #1) and drew some of the books on my tbr for the summer. For each book I finished between the last and first days of school, I colored in the corresponding doodle. I also had a little tracker at the bottom of the page so I could quickly glance at how many books I’d completed so far that summer and how close I was to my goal of 35 books. (I didn’t reach 35, but I got pretty close.) You could easily modify this spread for any period of time, such as winter break, vacation, a single month, etc.



I have used many variations of this spread, and I love it. It’s the perfect way to jot down notes about a book without writing a whole review.

#7: series tracker


If you read a lot of series, this spread could be helpful. I set up boxes for each book in each series and then crossed them out once I’d read them. This way, you’ll never forget how far into a series you are. I haven’t kept up with this one, but if you read a lot of long series, I think this spread could be really useful.

8#: book releases


Struggling to keep up with new book releases? I was inspired by @Christina77Star to create this table for book releases. It’s very simple: you make a box for each month, and then you write in books that are coming out that month.

want more?.graphic

I have many more ideas pinned on by Pinterest board for bullet journal reading spreads, like this awesome book journal from @posey_and_print, and this gorgeous library checkouts page from @overstuffedbook. To see the board, click here.

How to Track Reading in Your Bullet Journal


I hope this post was helpful! The bullet journal is a great tool for readers. Don’t forget to tell me in the comments if you use any of these spreads or if you have any other ideas for bookish spreads!


♥ Annie

How to Track Reading in Your Bullet Journal



12 thoughts on “How to Track Reading in Your Bullet Journal

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  2. Michelle

    Thanks for this list. I just found it and it was what I was looking for. Various options of functional reading lists/trackers that I might actually use in my own BuJo.

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  4. therevenantreader

    love this it looks amazing 🙂 I was looking for a fun way to track my reading and I’ll definitely try some of this out.


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