Vintage-Themed June ’20 Plan with Me + Poooliprinter Review (and Giveaway!)

Hi friends! I hope you all are doing okay (or as okay as one can possibly be under the current circumstances). I’m dropping in today to share my bullet journal setup for June, as well as a review and giveaway of the Poooliprinter.

Before I begin, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the protests happening around the world right now fighting against the horrific police brutality and racism that have run rampant for far too long. It is so important that all of us who have privilege work to educate ourselves and take action. Please protest physically if you’re able, donate money if you can, share important info on social media, sign petitions, and continue doing all that you can in the long term.

If you’re looking for resources/links/etc., please check the ‘Action’ highlight from my Instagram stories as well as the link in my bio. (This is not meant to be a plug for my IG, I just have a lot of useful stuff organized there.)

Vintage-Themed June '20 Plan with Me + Poooliprinter Review (and Giveaway!)

For my bullet journal setup this month, I’ve created a vintage-themed setup using the Poooliprinter that was kindly sent to me. I had a lot of fun putting it together, so I hope you enjoy seeing it as well!

Cover Page

I strayed from the usual with my cover page, opting for two pages instead of one. I layered images that I printed on different colors of paper (And the girls were printed on transparent paper.) with washi tape and various papers I had laying around. I also added a song lyric (“summertime, when the livin’ is easy”) to the banner.

Cover page

For the below image, I printed a butterfly photo and cut it out for a sticker effect.

My monthly spread may be my favorite of this post. I changed up my calendar layout a bit to allow more room for the images I printed. I also cut out some stars from brown paper to fill some of the empty space, and I really like how they turned out.


I really liked the new tracking spread I came up with last month, so I’ve recreated it here: hihglights from each day, sleep tracker, and a little workout tracker on the mini calendar.

Last but not least is my habit tracking spread, once again inspired by @bulletjournalwithfaith.


I have thoroughly enjoyed using this Poooliprinter for my bullet journal. It’s simple to use, as it has an app that connects to the printer via Bluetooth, so I was able to print photos directly from my phone.

I had no trouble at all getting it set up, as the instructions were very clear. Poooliprint also has some content on YouTube and Pinterest to help you get started with printing, which as useful. (A few of the images I used in this setup were printed from the Pinterest board.)

There’s lots to love about this mini printer: it doesn’t use any ink, it has a super cute design, and there are lots of paper options. Below are the paper rolls I used in this setup: a three-pack of pastel paper rolls, and a roll of transparent, sticky paper. (I used a roll of regular white paper as well.)


There are plenty of other paper options available on their website as well, including some with colored ink (either red or blue), label stickers, and more.


The one downside is that the quality of the photos isn’t amazing, and the prints don’t last forever, but there is a pricier version of the printer than prints higher quality photos. I have found that the printer works really well for simpler, clipart-type images like the butterfly and jukebox photos I used in this post.


This is a really cool mini printer with lots of great uses for bullet journaling. I would definitely recommend it! Feel free to check out the printers and accessories on their website if you’d like.


Visit Poooliprint’s Facebook page (here) to enter the giveaway for one of their printers!

Let's Chat

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this Plan with Me. Let me know in the comments: how have you set up your journal or planner for June?

♥ Annie

Thank you so much to Poooliprint for providing me with a free printer in exchange for an honest review!

Vintage-Themed June '20 Plan with Me + Poooliprinter Review (and Giveaway!)

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