7 Bullet Journal Spreads for Traveling

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Hi everyone! I’m getting ready to go on vacation later this month, so I thought it would be fun to show you all some bullet journal spreads for travel! I’m sharing 7 spreads I have made in the past to plan for vacations, track places I’ve gone, and record vacation memories.

1) The Master Packing List

When I travel, I always make a packing list. I’m always paranoid that I’m going to forget something important, so it’s super helpful to write out everything I’ll need. In the past, I’ve made a new packing list in my bullet journal for every time I go away. This works, but I think I’ve found an even better solution; the master packing list.

I made a spread with a more generic list that covers all of my basic necessities and can be applied to any trip I go on. I can always make a smaller list if there are things I only need for a specific trip. I think that this method will be a lot easier.

master packing list

2) Vacation Bucket List

This spread is basically just a list of things you want to do on your trip. It can be anything, really; restaurants you want to eat at, activities you want to do, landmarks you want to visit.

to do

3) Itinerary

I made this itinerary spread for my school trip to DC in May, and it was incredibly helpful. I always knew exactly what I was doing and when, and I had it in my journal so I could look at it whenever I wanted.


4) Shopping Log

I like to keep a shopping log because I tend to buy a lot of things while on vacation. This spread helps me remember what I bought and where, in case I ever want to go back to any stores.

shopping log

5) Map

While this spread isn’t entirely necessary, it’s pretty fun to make. I used graphite paper and a map I printed from google images to trace a map of the United States (it doesn’t have to be the US; you could do a world map, or any other country) onto a page in my journal. Then, I colored in all of the states I’ve been to.

If you don’t want to draw out a map, I know Natascha from Planning Routine has a lot of different map stickers for a pretty good price. You can check out Natascha’s etsy shop here.


6) Trip Journal

It’s nice to dedicate a page or two specifically for journaling about your trip; that way, it’s easier when you want to look back at all the memories you made.


7) Trip Pictures

There are lots of gorgeous spreads with pictures and journaling and washi tape on pinterest (like this one), but I decided to go with more simple approach when I taped some trip pictures into my journal. I really like how it looks and it’s fun to see these pics whenever i flip through my journal. I’d recommend using double-sided tape when taping pictures into your journal.

FullSizeRender (16)pictures 2

I hope you enjoyed these ideas! If you’re still itching for more bullet journal travel inspiration, check out board section on Pinterestthis board section on Pinterest.

And then let’s chat in the comments! How do you plan trips in your bullet journal? If you end up using any of these ideas, I’d love to hear about it, so feel free to comment or shoot me an email at blossomsandbulletjournals@gmail.com!


♥ Annie

7 Bullet Journal Spreads for Travel


12 thoughts on “7 Bullet Journal Spreads for Traveling

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  3. sittingintheclouds

    I have never planned any trips in my bujo yet, being a poor student I don’t get many opportunites to get away but I’ve always dreame of traveling to NZ and Aus! Those map planner stickers are gorgeous ❤


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