Summer Doodles for Your Bullet Journal

Summer Doodles for Your Bullet Journal

IT'S FINALLY SUMMER!! I'm back from a quick week-long blogging break in which I studied for and took exams, and in honor of the new season, I'm sharing a spread I made with a bunch of summer-themed doodles!

winter doodles

Winter Doodles for Your Bullet Journal (+Bonus Winter-Themed Spread)

Where I live, winter has most certainly arrived. It's already snowed a few times, and I've started wearing my heavy coat to school each day. To be clear, I am not a huge fan of cold weather, but I do enjoy a lot of wintry things, like sitting around a warm fire, and drinking hot chocolate. And what better way to celebrate those things than with some doodles? This post is gonna be pretty picture-heavy and less wordy, so sit back, relax, and scroll through the winter doodles I've come up with. And don't forget to keep going all the way to the bottom for a bonus wintry bujo spread!