Plan with Me | Bullet Journal Setup for August 2020

Happy almost-August everyone! I’m popping in today to share my bullet journal setup for this month.

Special thanks to Paperhouse for sending me some really cute stationery to use in this month’s spreads! You can use the code BlossomsBujos for 12% off any of their items.

Bullet journal surrounded by stationery, with text reading 'Plan with Me August '20' and 'Blossoms and Bullet Journals'

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This post contains affiliate links for Paperhouse, meaning that I will earn a commission if you click through and end up buying something, at no extra cost to you. Thanks so much for your support!

Cover Page

Here’s my August cover page! I don’t have any super specialized theme for this month—more of a loose vibe, with a bright color scheme and lots of plant details.

Bullet journal cover page with lettering reading 'August' and a list of goals, decorated with washi tapes and a plant sticker

I did a fun lettering style for the heading, using this Pinterest photo as a reference:

I used a fineliner (similar one here) to letter the outline and then filled it in with a Japanese calligraphy pen (the double-tipped Zig Clean Color Dot).

Then, I wrote my goals on this adorable pineapple notepad paper and decorated the page with a succulent sticker, washi tape, and these really cool Paperhouse pens that have two tips on the same end. (I’m not really sure how to explain it so I’ll just put a photo of the pen below?)

Two lines pen

I have some pretty big goals for this month (college apps ahh), so I think this simple and functional cover page will be useful for me.

I think this monthly spread is my favorite spread of the month because I love the succulent stickers that I used for this one.

Bullet journal monthly spread with green lettering reading 'August', a calendar, red washi tape, and plant stickers

I used the same green pen that I used on my cover page to letter the month title next to the calendar, and I added a few more details with some more tape from the rainbow washi tape pack and one of these gorgeous botanical stamp stickers. (They’re like my new favorite stickers.)


Next up is my highlights and sleep tracking spread, which has become a staple for me in recent months. I used a thicker fineliner for the headers (similar one here) and a pink Tombow brush pen for the lines on the sleep tracker.

This is one of my most-used spreads each month: I track something that made me happy every single day, as well as my hours of sleep.

Bullet journal spread with sections titled 'highlights' and 'sleep,' and various decorations

Again, for decorations, I used the succulent and botanical stickers, washi tape, and a piece of fruity notepaper (with one of my favorite Clairo lyrics written on it). I also added some of these really pretty Japanese stickers of cherry blossoms.

Next up is my habit tracker spread, for which I also used the succulent stickers, washi tape, and green dot pen.,

Bullet journal spread entitled 'habit tracker,' with a list of habits and a row of succulent stickers underneath
Let's Chat

That’s all for my August setup! Let me know in the comments—how are you setting up your journal for August? What are your favorite stationery items? And don’t forget to use the code BlossomsBujos for 12% off at Paperhouse if you’re looking to add to your stationery collection.

♥ Annie

Bullet journal surrounded by stationery, with text reading 'August '20 Bullet Journal Plan with Me' and 'Blossoms and Bullet Journals'

16 thoughts on “Plan with Me | Bullet Journal Setup for August 2020

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  2. I just found your blog…I think I found you through the book blogger nominations….all those kind words they said about you are sooo true….I just started bullet journaling in July….my August theme is plants… fav stationary items are markers I think….there is just soo much variety in them

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  3. I love this set-up so much!! I’m planning to work on my August spreads soon so this gave me some motivation and inspo.🥰 (I guess a good thing to come out of quarantine is that I’ve started bullet journaling again, haha.) Good luck with the college apps! That’s one of my main goals in August too, which is exciting, but terrifying, especially the essays.

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    1. Thank you Olivia!! Ahh that’s amazing, I’m so glad this was helpful 😊 Thanks, good luck to you as well! Ugh I know 😩 I’m not rly sure how to feel about common app release day this weekend haha—like you said, on the one hand, there’s something exciting about it, and I’ll be glad to get them out of the way, but I also feel like a lot of it may not be a fun time

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  5. Aw I love your set up, it’s very cute with all the succulent stickers! My august set up theme was mountains, forest and the moon haha and I used various shades of purple 🙂 Favourite stationary items would have to be pens, I love pens it’s a bit of a problem haha

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