Attempting to Read 4 Books in 7 Days | Reading Rush Tbr 2020

It’s almost time for this year’s Reading Rush! The readathon begins on July 20th and lasts until July 26th. This is the only readathon that I’ve participated in consistently and it’s always so much fun. (You can learn more on their website, here!)

Today, I’m sharing my tbr list for the week. I’ve only put four books on it for now, as my reading speed has been exceptionally slow this year (compared to previous years for me)—I think four books may be difficult but definitely doable. I miss the days before high school when I could easily read seven books in a week…but alas, these things change over time.

Anyway, here are the books I’m hoping to read!

Click for BLM resources
Credit to May for putting this list together!

videos to stream (ad revenue will be donated)
George Floyd gofundme
Gianna Floyd (his daughter) gofundme
Breonna Taylor gofundme
Ahmaud Arbery gofundme
Elijah McClain gofundme
bail funds, research local ones near you too
small Black businesses that were destroyed
Black-owned businesses
indie Black-owned bookstores
tips on overall protest safety
google doc masterlist of BLM resources

Affiliate Disclosure
This post contains affiliate links for Amazon and Bookshop, meaning that I will earn a commission if you click through and end up buying something, at no extra cost to you. Thanks so much for your support!

1. Read a book that matches the color of your birth stone

My birthstone is aquamarine, and All Boys Aren’t Blue has a gorgeous light blue shade on the cover, so that’s the book I’ve selected for this first challenge. It’s a YA memoir by Black LGBTQ+ activist George M. Johnson and it sounds amazing.

Goodreads | | Amazon

2. Read a book that starts with the word “the” & 5. Read a book completely outside of your house

I’m combining two challenges to read Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar, which was highly recommended and lent to me by a friend.

Please note that challenge #5 has been revised. (Read more here.) For me, I am luckily able to go outside my house right now, so I’ll probably read this book in my backyard, on my porch, or in a nearby park (with a mask and proper social distancing, ofc).

Goodreads | | Amazon

3. Read a book that inspired a movie you’ve already seen & 4. Read the first book you touch & 6. Read a book in a genre you’ve always wanted to read more of

I managed to combine not two, but THREE challenges for this next book: Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy. I just watched the movie recently and it was so, so incredible. (Also: Michael B. Jordan 😍)

I don’t normally read a lot of nonfiction, which is why it fits for challenge #6. For #4, which seems pretty open to interpretation, I spread all four of my books out on my bed, waved my hand around, and ended up tapping Just Mercy.

Goodreads | | Amazon

7. Read a book that takes place on a different continent than where you live

My pick for the final challenge is Children of Blood and Bone, which is West African-inspired. I’m not entirely sure if that counts, since it’s fantasy and I don’t think it’s actually set in our world? But I’m rolling with it. I can’t believe I haven’t read this already considering how popular it is, so I’m looking forward to finally picking it up!

Goodreads | | Amazon

Let's Chat

That’s all for my tbr! Let me know in the comments if you’re also participating in The Reading Rush! I’m @blossomsandbujos on the Reading Rush website if you wanna add me on there.

♥ Annie

14 thoughts on “Attempting to Read 4 Books in 7 Days | Reading Rush Tbr 2020

  1. Good luck with all your reading, Annie!!❤️ I’m also participating and I’m really excited, even though I’m fairly sure there’s no way I’ll be able to read the seven books I have picked out… haha, I did the same thing to pick my “first book you touch” book! (Except I may or may not have done it twice to get the result I wanted more.) Happy reading! xx

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