Annie’s Adventures | Spring ’20 Update

Annie's Adventures | Spring '20 Update

Hi everyone! It’s been a bit since I last posted, and obviously, a LOT has happened. I actually have been wanting to write an update post like this for a while, and now seemed like the perfect time to talk a little about what’s been happening lately.

I’m gonna try not to spend too much of this post talking about COVID-19, since 1) I’m not in any way an expert, and 2) I know that hearing about coronavirus non-stop has been really anxiety-inducing for a lot of people.

BUT I do want to say this: I hope you all are okay. The outbreak has affected everyone, some more than others, and it’s so sad to know that so many lives have been taken or upended. I am really, really lucky in that my family and I are healthy and doing well (considering the circumstances), and my heart goes out to anyone who is experiencing otherwise.

Moving forward, this post will mostly be me just writing about what’s been going on with me personally, so I’ll start with a lil life update…


Things that have happened to me so far in 2020:

  • January was kinda stressful, ngl, since my dad hurt his back (he’s fine now, but it was just not great) and my younger brothers were having a rough time at their school, but we got through it.
  • I spent a weirdly large amount of time looking at old scrapbooks in February, like from when I was really little and also ones that my mom made as a kid/young adult. It was totally strange and interesting to see photos of my mom from before I knew her, and I was inspired to start making a scrapbook myself.
  • The softball season started, which was obviously cut short because of coronavirus, but it was really fun while it lasted.
  • I downloaded TikTok…
  • My school closed after the second week of March, and we had a week of “distance learning,” then spring break, and now it’s our second week of online school.
  • So, online school: it definitely takes some getting used to, and I’m not enjoying it much, but I am so lucky that my school is able to do this. Our schedule is set up with one or two Zoom/Google Meet classes per day, with optional office hours and teachers posting assignments for us to work through on our own.
  • Personally, social distancing hasn’t been too bad so far. I miss my friends a lot, and obviously I wish things were back to the way they were before, but I’m an introvert who tends to enjoy being alone, and I rarely get bored, so I’ve been lucky and things have been a lot better for me emotionally than I think they have for a lot of others who are self-isolating.
  • Conan Gray’s new album, Kid Krow, released and I love it!
  • I had my birthday in March!
  • I redid my bedroom a little bit.
  • I also had spring break, which was odd since I couldn’t really go outside, except for the occasional walk. I spent a lot of time watching movies, “window shopping” online, and attempting to learn TikTok dances from my younger sister.

You’d think that I would’ve read a ton since I’m stuck at home, but honestly, I haven’t finished many books recently. Of course, I plan on doing a lot of reading soon, but I’m okay with the fact that I’ve spent a lot of time chilling an just ~being.~ I’ve seen a lot of people talking about pushing back against the idea that people need to take advantage of every minute and be super productive during this time at home, and I totally agree that this can actually be a good opportunity to slow things down a bit.

Anyway, here are a few highlights from my reading life since I last updated you in November:

Book covers are from Goodreads and link to the books’ respective Goodreads pages.

Red, White & Royal Blue Legacy The Girl Who Steals Christmas Foul is Fair Cracked Up to Be The Things They Carried

Bookish News:

I haven’t been keeping particularly good track of book-related news recently, but here are a few tidbits I’m excited about:

  • HarperCollins Children has a new imprint focused on Native authors and stories! (source)
  • P.S. I Still Love You‘s movie adaptation was released. It was not as good as the book or the first movie, in my opinion, but I did greatly enjoy watching it.
  • HBO is adapting The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue! (source)
  • Angie Thomas announced a new book and it sounds so good!! (source)
  • There are a few really nice free trial programs going on because so many people are staying at home—a few that I know of are Scribd (You can get 30 days free without giving any credit card info with this link.) and Kindle Unlimited. (I think the latter is just for people signed up for the Goodreads challenge.) I signed up for Scribd and will probably check out Kindle Unlimited as well.

I feel like I say this in almost all of my recaps (*cries*), but I am still slowly working towards posting consistently. I do have a lot of ideas for upcoming posts though, which I’ll talk about later!

Posts I’ve Published Recently:

📖 Book Reviews

📚 Other Bookish Posts

✒️ Bullet Journal

Favorite Posts from the Blogosphere:

I haven’t shared a roundup of favorite posts in a while, so here’s a list of just a few exceptional posts that I’ve read in the past five months or so.


Recommendation Lists

Tips & Tutorials


Looking Forward:

I am feeling really inspired to write blog posts! Here are a few ideas that I’ve been thinking about:

  • A new bullet journal plan with me (I have a really fun setup for April that I’m excited to share! This will probably go up in a few days.)
  • Ideas for things to do during social distancing (I feel like a bunch of people have done this but I might be able to add some new thoughts?)
  • A review of Cracked Up to Be by Courtney Summers, which I just finished (and really liked)
  • An updated room tour
  • Movies and tv shows I’ve watched recently (like a mini review type thing)
  • A quarantine diary, like a journal entry or a day in my life or something, but in a blog post (This kind of excites me since it’s a little different from what I normally post!)
  • Recs for comforting/low-stress books
  • Tips for distance learning, including how I’ve been structuring myself with my bullet journal(s) (This would probably come a little later, after I’ve had a bit more time to get a handle on the whole online school thing.)
  • Tips for researching colleges (I’ve been doing a lot of web-digging, virtual touring, and creating a massive spreadsheet of info since I’m a junior and looking at colleges right now.)
  • Favorite bullet journal spreads I made in 2019

Please let me know which of these you’d most like to see from me, or if you have any other ideas! You can drop me a comment on this post or fill out this poll:

Let's Chat

Thank you for reading! I hope you’re doing alright. Stay safe, wash your hands, support each other. Sending lots of love.

♥ Annie

Annie's Adventures | Spring '20 Update

16 thoughts on “Annie’s Adventures | Spring ’20 Update

  1. I hope you’re doing okay and I appreciate these kind of updates without talking about actual things a whole lot. It’s been so anxiety inducing I don’t read so many blog posts because of it ahah, so thank you ❤ I’m glad that social distancing hasn’t been too hard for you and I SO appreciate the fact that you think it’s good to take time to just, “be”. I feel like I have to be so productive and read more and more, but…. I still have to work ahah and I just can’t, so thank you for saying this ❤ And I’d LOVE recs for comforting books, I always adore reading these ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much Marie!! I hope you’re doing ok as well. ❤

      YES I’m so glad this resonated with you. I’ve definitely been stressed out about getting stuff done—it’s hard to be productive in this new mindset/environment, especially for those of us who still have to do work/school, and I think it’s so important to push back against the pressure to take advantage of any extra time instead of focusing on things like mental health, recharging, connecting with others, etc. (Sorry for the mini-spiel lol.)

      Thank you for your lovely comment! It’s so great to hear from you. Stay safe ❤


  2. I love this post, it was so nice to read! I’m so glad to hear that you and your family are staying safe and healthy, and that the quarantine hasn’t been too bad for you.💛I’m sorry to hear that January wasn’t the best, but I’m glad things got better soon.

    Haha, I’ve downloaded TikTok too, and…well, it’s definitely taking up a lot of time. But, I don’t want to delete it because it genuinely makes me laugh, and that’s something that I really need at the moment!

    I agree, online school is weird and I don’t like it, but I’m still grateful to have the resources to continue my education even during this time. I don’t know what I would do with my days if I had absolutely no responsibilities, so I am glad that we still have school going on so I at least have some structure to my life. I also have Zoom dance classes, which is so weird?? But good?

    Happy belated birthday! I hope it was a good one, even if you were social distancing during it.

    Thank you so much for linking to my posts! I’m so happy that you enjoyed them, and I’m also right here with you on wanting to get back into posting regularly. After so long not posting, it’s hard for me to get back into the routine of writing posts and staying on top of WordPress again. But I love all the ideas you have and I look forward to reading your future posts!! I hope April treats you well.☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Olivia! Hope you’re doing ok. Haha yeah I totally get what you mean about TikTok! There are a lot of real gems on there that really genuinely make me happy.

      And you are absolutely right about online school as well! That’s so cool that you have Zoom dance classes—how does that work?

      I totally get what you mean about having to figure out how to get back into the groove of blogging. I feel like I’m getting there, but it definitely takes time.

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment ❤


  3. i hope you’re doing okay during these crazy times too, annie!! sorry to hear that it’s taking some time to get use to online school but i’m glad to hear that your social distancing hasn’t been going awful. and it’s totally valid to just chill during all this and not worry about doing everything all at once. sometimes we just need to slow down and enjoy what we have ❤️❤️

    it looks like you have a packed and busy schedule to look forward too!! i can’t wait to read all your tips/ideas on what to do while social distancing and ways of handling distance learning (whenever you get to them, no pressure ofc)

    hope you’re doing well and having a great month!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. love this post, Annie! i’m really happy to hear that you’re doing well and that you and your family are safe 💖 hahah i downloaded Tik Tok recently too (due to peer pressure) but tbh, i haven’t really been using it a lot (i thought i would get addicted to it but i haven’t yet 😂) also, i feel you about online school haha, i’ve been attending Zoom University and honestly, it’s not great for my motivation or productivity…but we’ll just have to make the best of it :’)

    i love Kid Krow too!! honestly anything Conan Gray sings is amazing 😍 & i’m excited to read all of the blog posts you mentioned!! especially excited to see your bullet journal setup for April, hehe 🙂 i hope you have a nice April full of great books and relaxation 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg Dezzy it’s so great to hear from you, thank you so much!! I hope you and your family are doing ok. Haha it’s weird, the same thing happened to me…my level of tiktok use started low and increased very gradually 😂 yeah, you’re absolutely right about zoom. Hope it gets better!

      Omg yes Conan Gray is amazing!! Ahh thank you so much Dezzy! I hope you have a good month as well!

      Liked by 1 person

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