#StartOnYourShelfathon and #Pondathon Sign-up | ft. Me Trying to Read All My Unread Books in 2020

Hi friends! I’m joining in on two adorable and story-driven readathons today—#StartOnYourShelfathon and #Pondathon, both of which are run by the wonderful CW @ The Quiet Pond.

#StartOnYourShelfathon and #Pondathon Sign-up | ft. Me Trying to Read All My Unread Books in 2020

I’m posting this sign-up super late (Pondathon is almost over at this point), but better late than never, right? And I really wanted to get a Pondathon post in so I could share my adorable character card.



Ever since I began book blogging, I have been overloaded with books to read—there are always new books being posted about, and they all sound so good and there’s not enough time to read them all!

I’m really lucky to be able to own a lot of books, both ones that I’ve bought and ones that have been given to me. One thing I’ve been trying to work on lately is reading the books that are sitting on my shelf before getting new ones (which sounds so obvious but has turned out to be not very easy).

#StartOnYourShelfathon is a challenge meant to help you actually read all of the books you have but haven’t actually read yet. You can read about all of the details in CW’s post, but basically, it’s a year-long challenge where you earn stars for finishing books and reaching self-set goals.

My goal for the challenge is to read all of the books on my tbr shelf (which is actually my dresser, hehe).

I made a bullet journal spread to track my progress, and I’ve included both books on my shelf and also a few books that I have on my Kindle and that various family members have. I’ll be posting a photo on my Instagram soon if you’d like to see it! (I’ll try to remember to embed it here once I post it.)

If you’d like to follow my progress, here’s my #StartOnYourShelfathon Twitter thread where I’m keeping track of my progress!


Pondathon is another readathon run by CW @ The Quiet Pond, but this one is only a few weeks long (and is almost over, whoops). Basically, it’s a collective group effort to gain points by reading books, among other things, in order to save the pond. For more details, read the info post and the sign-up post.

Team Varian

I’m on Team Varian for the challenge, which has the following guidelines: (Each team earns points in different ways.)

  • Read a book that is a different genre to the last book you read and gain 35 points each time you finish a book!
  • Bonus: every time you read three books of a different genre, give yourself an extra 20 points!

CW created all of the INCREDIBLE art for the challenge, including all of the character elements that can be used to create customized characters, like mine below.

Pondathon character card
Let's Chat

I’m really excited about both of these challenges! Let me know in the comments—are you participating in either of them as well?

♥ Annie

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