Plan with Me | Bullet Journal Setup for March 2020

Happy almost-March everyone! I’m super excited for March because it’s my birthday month (and because my spring break is in March…I’m counting down the days). I’ve channeled some of that excitement into a somewhat birthday-themed bullet journal setup that I can’t wait to share with you all!

Plan with Me | Bullet Journal Setup for March 2020
Cover Page

For my March cover page, which is really the only spread that embodies the birthday theme, I based the title off of birthday cake candles. (I just googled some reference images for the letters and went from there.)

My monthly spread is very minimal, with a simple calendar and the same two-tone color scheme from my cover page.

My highlights spread is simple as well this month.

My habit tracker, like last month’s, is a rather large, vertical tracker inspired by @bulletjournalwithfaith (who has a fantastic account that I would definitely recommend following!). Once March gets a bit closer, I’ll actually fill in the habits I’ll be tracking in the spaces on the left.

Habit tracker

I’m also continuing to track my sleep in my journal with this spread:

Let's Chat

I realize that my spreads are very minimal this month and maybe even a bit empty-looking, but I’ll most likely post some updated photos on my Instagram later in March once I’ve actually filled them out, so be sure to follow me over there if you’d like to see those and more bullet journal photos!

Anyway, thanks for reading! I hope all of you are having great Februaries. Let me know in the comments—how are you setting up your planner for March? Do you have spring break next month? (And are you as excited as I am??)

♥ Annie

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