MEGA Plan with Me | Bullet Journal Setup for December 2019 + A New Journal for 2020

Hi friends! I haven’t posted a Plan with Me in a while, so today I’m just going to be sharing with you all a ton of my recent spreads, including pages from back at the beginning of December, all the way up until now. Hope you enjoy this extra-long Plan with Me!

MEGA Plan with Me | Bullet Journal Setup for December 2019 + A New Journal for 2020

Since I’m covering much more stuff than I usually do in my Plan with Me posts, I’m gonna break this down into four parts: my spreads from December, my spreads for the end of 2019, the initial setup of my 2020 journal, and my monthly spreads for January.

I. December

As I usually do, I made a Christmas-themed journal setup for December. I actually deviated from my pastel color scheme that I used all throughout my 2019 bujo (what a rebel) in order to use some Christmas colors, as you can see in the photos below.

Cover Page

You can see the cover page close up if you swipe to the second photo in the post!

For my monthly spread, I used my go-to calendar layout with some goals on the side and some little tree doodles.

Also, gonna note here that this section of the post has a lot of blurred-out writing in the photos since I’d already used the spreads when I photographed them. I just think it feels a little weird for me to share literally everything about my life online (since I really do write pretty much everything in my bullet journal), so it’s just a privacy thing…you probably don’t care but I figured I’d mention it in case any of you were curious. 🙂

December monthly spread

Here’s my highlights page for December. Again, I blurred some of it but I did want to leave a few of the boxes as they are so you can get a bit of an idea of what this spread looks like once I’ve written things on it.

December highlights

Below is my habit tracker, a staple of my monthly bullet journal setups. Recently I’ve been filling the tracker in using tiny little circles, as you can see in the photo.

December habit tracker

That’s the last of my December spreads, so we’ll move on to my end-of-year pages at the end of my 2019 journal!

II. Spreads for the End of the Year

At the end of each year, I always do a series of spreads in my journal to help me sum up and evaluate the year, as well as plan a bit for my next journal (if I’m going to be moving into a new one for the new year, which I am, in this case).

Below is my planning page for my 2020 bullet journal. I kept it simple, with just a list of ideas I’ve come up with or seen on social media, as well as a more concrete list of spreads to set up in the new notebook, in the specific order that I want them to be in.

2020 bujo planning page

Just like last year, I made some ‘Year in Polaroids’ pages for 2019. (The idea comes from one of my absolute favorite bullet journal people, Amanda @ AmandaRachLee.) I continued this onto the next two pages so I could have one photo for each month, but I only took a picture of the first page since I figure you can probably get the gist.

2019 in Polaroids

Last, but not least, is one of my favorite spreads to make: my year-in-review page. I’ve been using this layout (I think) since I started bullet journaling, and the idea comes from Gigi @ organizedhustler. It’s so fun to sit down at the end of December and pick out my highlights and favorite things from the year.

III. 2020 Journal

And now, on to my beautiful new journal for 2020! Fresh notebook feeling is the best. 🙂

I got a red journal for 2020 (this one from Leuchtturm1917), and as I’ve been doing for my past few journals, I covered the front with stickers. I really loved how it turned out! I’ll link the stickers below:

Sweater gals | Turntables | Dogwarts | Ukulele | Glee

Below is my cover page for the new notebook. I always like to make one of these as a fun way to welcome the new year and set the tone for a fresh notebook.

For this particular one, I used an old book page, a Polaroid that I accidentally ruined, a sticker from one of my favorite artists on Instagram, Cheyenne Barton, and some stickers that I printed with my Phomemo printer.

2020 cover page

Next, I have my future log, which takes up five whole pages. I allocated space for every month of this year, as well as an extra page for any far-off 2021 dates that I may end up needing to jot down.

Future log
Future log
Future Log

In 2019, I really liked being able to see my mood tracking for the entire year all together, so I made another yearly tracker for 2020. (After taking this photo, I filled in that second box of the key using a new yellow Tombow brush pen I picked up.)

Mood tracker

Here’s my goals spread for the new year, with the big goals in blue and smaller action steps to help me reach those goals listed below. This continues on for another page, but I think you get the idea.

2020 goals

I saw this photo on Pinterest recently of an INCREDIBLE spread titled ‘Adultris’ (based on the game Tetris) that the creator used to keep track of adulting-related tasks. I loved the idea so much that I decided to adapt the idea to keep track of how I’m doing with some of my goals. (The Adultris version wouldn’t work for me since I’m not an adult haha.) It’s been so fun!


Next up are my bookish pages—my to-be-read shelf and my reading log.

Tbr and books read

And here’s my movies and tv watchlist. This is pretty similar to my watchlist from last year, but I made it a little bigger and added a key to help identify which movies and shows are on Netflix vs. Amazon prime. You could easily use this sort of system to categorize media in any way you want: genre, shows you watch with other people vs. by yourself, etc.


I also always include a passwords list at the beginning of my journal for easy reference.


III. January

And now we’re getting into my monthly spreads for January!

Cover Page

Here’s my cover page for the month, inspired by my somewhat abstract theme for the month, which is some kind of fresh starts/new beginnings/growth sorta thing that I was thinking about for the new year.

January cover page

I tried something totally different for my monthly spread this time around. Instead of my usual calendar format, I used the Dutch door method to split up a portion at the bottom for my events and important dates. (You can see it in action in the second photo.) I wanted to switch things up a bit, and I was also hoping to gain some more space per day than my previous layout afforded me.

January monthly spread

For the rest of the spread, I wrote down some goals and messages to myself, and I decorated with some more stickers I printed, washi tape, and book pages. I also used a few Polaroids that I was going to throw away because there were out of focus, but I had the idea to use them here because the colors match a little and I think the blurriness makes the spread look kinda artsy.

January monthly spread

Making the Dutch doors was a little difficult and time-consuming (even more so than other attempts I’ve made in the past, since I was cutting horizontally this time instead of vertically), so I’m not sure I’ll use this exact format again, but I did really like how it turned out and was glad that I tried something new.

As always, I set up a simple grid for my highlights log.

January highlights

My habit tracker, just like my monthly log, is a little different for January. I was inspired by this spread (which I love) from @bulletjournalwithfaith on Instagram. I’ve been liking the layout so far—it doesn’t feel as cramped as some of my previous habit trackers, and I like not having to rotate the notebook to fill it in. I’m not completely happy with the spread at the moment because there’s so much empty space and I feel like I could’ve added a little more pizzazz, but I would definitely consider using this layout again.

January habit tracker

I also have a completely new spread for January—a sleep tracker. I tried a sleep tracker once, way back in September 2017, but I didn’t stick with it; however, I’m trying it again with the hopes of using this tracker to monitor and work towards my goal of sleeping more in 2020.

January sleep tracker
Let's Chat

If you’re here, thanks for reading all the way to the end of this massive post! I hope you all are doing well. Chat with me in the comments—how have you been doing lately? Are you trying any new bujo spreads or planning techniques in 2020? Do you have any New Year’s resolutions you’re working on?

♥ Annie

MEGA Plan with Me | Bullet Journal Setup for December 2019 + A New Journal for 2020

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