July & August ’19 Recap | Lots of Travel and Recuperation

July & August '19 Recap | Lots of Travel and Recuperation

Hello friends, and happy fall! Here I am, yet again having missed a posting day. School starting has been rough for my blogging productivity, but I’m hoping to get some more blog-related work in next weekend.

I have managed to write up a recap for you all though! This one will be covering two months since I was a slacker and haven’t written one for July yet. 😉


I read eight books in July and August combined (four in each), which is not ideal for me, but I’m going easy on myself since I was unusually busy. (More on that later!) I also did not complete the Reading Rush challenge, but honestly, I was not expecting to do too well on that.

Favorite Books Read in July & August:

Book covers are from Goodreads and link to the books’ respective Goodreads pages.

This Adventure Ends Ahimsa The Downstairs Girl

This Adventure Ends | Emma Mills | ★★★★★ | This one made me cry like a bunch of times, which I think is partly because I was in a weird place emotionally when I was reading it, but also because I just really connected with the book. I really, really loved it!

Ahimsa | Supriya Kelkar |★★★★☆ | This is a really interesting middle grade historical fiction book about the Indian Independence movement.

The Downstairs Girl | Stacey Lee | ★★★★.5 | One of my favorites of the year! Another historical fiction novel, but this one is a YA set in the late 1800’s in Atlanta.

(Semi-related note: I have to do a book report in advisory on a book that I read this summer, and I’m so happy because I’m just gonna use my review that I already wrote for this book. The benefits of being a student and a book blogger, amirite. 🤓😎)

New Books:

The first three of the books below are ones that I obtained while traveling, and I got the last one at Barnes & Noble because they were having a really great sale. (I got this fairly new release as a hardback for 50% of the original price!) (Not an ad, I’m just very excited lol.)

Ahimsa Twice Upon a Time The Village by the Sea A Very Large Expanse of Sea

Bookish News:

  • Alice Oseman’s Heartstopper comic has been optioned for film!! This comic makes my heart so happy, and the possibility of it becoming a movie makes me so excited. (source)
  • And I don’t have anything else for this category, because I have not been doing a very good job of keeping track…

New Releases:

Here are some books that released in the past two months that I’m super excited about!


Most Popular Posts from July & August:

6 New Travel Spreads I'm Using in My Bullet Journal This Summer School Bullet Journal Setup for the 2019-20 School Year | Back to School 2019 (School Bullet Journal Update #5)

More Posts:

I will not be sharing any blog post recs today, as I am woefully behind on my blog hopping, but I’m hoping to catch up before I write my next recap!


Spider-Man: Far From Home | Bro this movie was SO GOOD!! I just felt so happy when I was watching it, and I kind of already want to watch it again.

Stranger Things 3 | I loved the new season! Max and El’s friendship is SO GREAT. Also, my chemistry teacher played part of one of the episodes in class because we were talking about Planck’s constant, and if that isn’t the best possible way to relate chemistry to teenage culture, I don’t know what is.

Glee | Still trekking through this wonderful piece of television! I finished season three in July, and was almost done season five by the end of August. I gotta say, while I still love this show and will absolutely watch it until the end, the last few seasons definitely do not measure up to the first few. (It was around season four/five that it started going downhill, in my opinion—that weird puppet episode was rock bottom.) Sue is still hilarious though.

The LEGO Batman Movie | I watched this with kids that I babysit and it was actually SO funny.

The Hunger Games | I’ve been re-watching these movies because my youngest brother just read the books for the first time, and omg I kinda forgot how amazing they are??? Like they’re all so good, and I cried a bunch of times when I was watching them.

Lover | I’ve never been a huge Taylor Swift fan or anything, but I have been really, really enjoying her new album! “The Man” is probably my favorite song from the album but I also love so many of the other ones!!


So most of July and the beginning of August were super outside of my normal routine because I was in India!! Which was amazing!! I still kinda can’t believe that this is a thing that I actually got to do. (I went with a family that I babysit which was super amazing of them!) I’ll add in some pictures below for anyone who’s interested about the trip.

Gateway of India
The Gateway of India, which was massive and awesome.
One of the many goats that I saw while walking down the street.

The trip definitely had its emotional ups and downs, what with homesickness and also getting physically sick at one point, but a lot of the trip was super awesome and I learned a bunch about myself and about India and I am so so grateful that I was able to have this incredible experience.

Another cool animal sighting. (I saw some of these monkeys running alongside the highway a bunch of times!!)
Fort Aguada
A very cool fort and a very beautiful beach.

Then in August I flew back by myself—I was nervous about that since I’ve never flown alone before, but the confidence that you get after getting through an airport by yourself in a foreign country with no cell service or language skills is pretty great.

The trip back home left me pretty exhausted, as my plane was delayed so I didn’t even get on it until like 3 am, and then I didn’t sleep on the 16-hour flight because I guess I’m just not a person who can sleep on planes. (Afterwards we did the math and I was awake for like 2+ days, so yeah. I was very tired. )

I spent some time in August just relaxing, being with my family (whom I missed very much), and getting back to my normal sleep schedule. (Waking up at 5 am because you’re not used to the time zone is not fun.) I went to the beach with some of my extended family and it was super nice to spend time with my siblings and my cousins!!

You can see the ocean at the end of the street from that house where we were staying!

And then at the end of August, preseason soccer started and I had to start getting ready for school, which I was not the most excited about, but it was really nice to see my friends and all that. (Also school supplies.)

Goals from July:

I didn’t write any goals in August because I didn’t do a recap post, so let’s take a look at my goals from July:

  • Schedule posts before I go away ✔ I did a pretty good job of scheduling some posts. I had more trouble with getting posts up after I got back lol.
  • Read 9+ books ❌ Nope. Rip my Goodreads challenge.
  • Be helpful with the babysitting side of my trip, but also have an amazing time and ask for help if I need it
  • Participate in the Reading Rush readathon ✔ I did not complete all the challenges, but I’m going to give myself a check mark because technically I did participate in it. *pats past self on the back for wording this goal so smartly*

Goals for September:

  • ACTUALLY SCHEDULE BLOG POSTS IN ADVANCE! ~ Doing this makes my life so much easier so I just. Need to actually do it.
  • Read 8+ books ~ I seem to be having trouble with achieving nine books, so I’m gonna make it a little easier for myself. (Never mind that I haven’t reached eight in forever, but shh.)
  • Be super productive with schoolwork during free periods and at home
  • Post on Instagram 3+ times per week ~ I’m kind of on a roll right now and I want to keep that energy going!
  • Catch up on blog hopping ~ I’m so excited to read everyone’s posts but also so daunted because of the sheer amount of unread posts in my WordPress reader right now.
  • Hang out with friends outside of school ~ I am an introvert okay. I like hanging out by myself in my room with books and stuff. But I also think that I should do this at least a little once.
Let's Chat

And that is all for today! I hope you all enjoyed this (kinda long) recap of what’s been happening in my life, and I hope you all are having a wonderful September so far!

♥ Annie

July & August '19 Recap | Lots of Travel and Recuperation

8 thoughts on “July & August ’19 Recap | Lots of Travel and Recuperation

  1. did i just SCREAM bc ‘this adventure ends’ was on the list??? yes i absolutely did. im sosoosos glad you loved the book and it made you all emotional and you connected with it bc i definitely felt the same way 😭

    i really want to read ‘the downstairs girl’ i really enjoy historic fiction but this one sounds really different and interesting compared to most that i have read.

    your pictures from your trip to india is so amazing. the architecture is just stunning and the animals 🤧🤧 traveling always has good and bads but im so glad to hear you had a great experience overall.

    good luck with your goals, you can totally get them!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes omg This Adventure Ends was SO good. I can’t wait to read all of the other Emma Mills books!!

      I hope you like The Downstairs Girl, it might be one of my favorite historical fiction books ever because it’s just so interesting and has so many great elements.

      Omg there were so many animals it was amazing.

      Thank you so much May 😊❤️


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