School Supplies Haul | Back to School 2019

The time for school is upon us. (Or me at least. Some of you probably don’t go to school, or are on a completely different calendar, and then there are the unlucky souls who already started school back in August.) At the time that this post goes live, I’ll be on the train heading to my first day of 11th grade.

Like most stationery enthusiasts, my favorite part of the back to school season is school supplies. (Getting new clothes for school is a close second.) In today’s post, I’ll be walking you through all of the supplies that I’ll be using in my junior year of high school!

You can read all of the posts in this year’s back to school series here.

School Supplies Haul | Back to School 2019

Note: A lot of my school supplies are materials that I already had in my house or have used in previous years. I highly recommend doing this whenever possible, as it’s both cheaper and better for the environment!

Binders, Folders & Notebooks

This year, I’ll be using a 1-inch binder for all of my papers: handouts from teachers, old tests, etc. At the end of the first semester, I’ll move all my papers to my locker so there’s space for me to add things in the second semester. I had an accordion folder last year, but alas, it broke, and I figured a binder would be more durable. The folder in this photo is for choir.

Binder and folder

Here’s the inside of my binder, complete with a triple hole punch, some lined paper, and dividers.


I have three notebooks for taking notes in class. The green one is a grid notebook for math.


This is my new school bullet journal, which should last me until I graduate high school. If you’d like to see the spreads I’ve set up inside it, you can read this post.

School bullet journal

Tools & Writing Utensils

I keep most of writing utensils and other tools inside my pencil case: calculator, ruler, Mildliner highlighters, a few pencils and pens (I like Papermate Inkjoys for taking notes), and a few Papermate Flairs.

Since there’s limited space inside my pencil case and backpack, I’ll store some extra writing utensils in my locker.

Writing utensils

Locker Stuff

Clockwise from top: my school survival kit (contains hand sanitizer, deodorant, mints, phone charger, etc.—I may end up writing a more detailed post on this, so let me know in the comments if that’s something you’d be interested in reading.), a mini drawer unit for my locker (contains tape, extra writing utensils, and magnets), my locker shelf (these are super helpful for locker organization!), and a magnetic cup with a few #2 pencils. (I usually use mechanical pencils, but I wanted to have a few regular ones in my locker for standardized testing.)

Locker stuff

And those are all the school supplies that I’ll be using this year!

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Let's Chat

Are you about to start school, or have you already started? What school supplies are you using this year? (Or what were your favorites, if you’re not in school anymore?) Let’s chat all things school-related in the comments!

♥ Annie

School Supplies Haul | Back to School 2019

9 thoughts on “School Supplies Haul | Back to School 2019

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  2. Love this post, it’s great that you’re using stationery which you already own because I know many people (I used to be one of them) who buy new stationery every year even if the old stuff has nothing wrong with it, so I’m happy to see you’re re-using your stuff! I’d love it if you posted more about your school survival kit, I’m sure it would help lots of people 🙂 Amazing post x

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