June ’19 Recap | Being Busy and Also Preparing for Something Really Exciting!

June '19 Recap | Being Busy and Also Preparing for Something Really Exciting!

Hello, friends! Welcome to my latest recap, featuring me not reading that much (unfortunately), and also being very excited about July!!

First though, let’s talk about books!


I finished three books this month, which is very low for me, but it’s okay, because even though it’s summer, I was busy doing other important things. I’m definitely hoping to improve this number in July though!

Here are the books that I read in June:

The Art of Breaking Things Jedi Academy: The Phantom Bully Behind the Beautiful Forevers

I enjoyed all of these books, but The Art of Breaking Things was definitely my favorite! It was a five-star read for me (my first in a while) because it was just so powerful and beautiful.

(Content warnings: sexual abuse by an adult to a child (narrated and talked about after it happens); sexual content between teens (in some cases consensual, in others not); teen alcohol and drug use (not portrayed in a very positive light, but present in a large amount)


I didn’t make quite all of my allotted posting dates in June, but I’m feeling pretty good about the content that I put out this month.

Most Popular Posts from June:

My Top 25 Most Anticipated Diverse Book Releases for the Second Half of 2019! Plan with Me | Bullet Journal Setup for June 2019

More Posts:

Favorite Posts from the Blogosphere:

I’m also feeling pretty good with how I’ve been doing with blog hopping! Being out of school has given me more time to read other people’s blogs, which I’m really happy about. Here are some of my favorite posts that I’ve read this month:

(Note that a few of these posts are from the end of May, but I read them in June, so I’m counting them!)


Recommendation Lists





Bookish News:


Glee | I’m still making my way through Glee (I’m almost done season three as I’m writing this), and I’m still loving it. I’ve also been listening to the songs a lot on Spotify and I need help because my Glee playlist has 89 songs on it and I’ve only added songs from episodes that I’ve watched…

Doom Days | Bastille’s new album that just released!

Unicorn Gelati from Rita’s | I’ve been babysitting my neighbor, who’s really cute and also REALLY into Rita’s, so I went there with her a few times. She made me try their new flavor called Unicorn, which turned out to be super good! I got it as a gelati with these fancy matching sprinkles on top and it was just SO GOOD.


June was busy for me, but a lot of good things happened! I worked a bunch (babysitting + camp counselor-ing), which was exhausting but also fun, and helpful because I earned money.

I also went on a weekend trip with my mom to a tiny house, which was incredibly fun and relaxing! I LOVE tiny houses (I’ve watched a lot of tiny house shows on HGTV), and getting to actually be in one was basically a dream come true. (Thank you, Mom and Dad!!)

As for the “something really exciting” that I mentioned in the title of this post (which you may already know about from my most recent blog post, a list of some new travel bullet journal spreads), I spent some of June getting ready for a trip to India!! I’m going with a family I babysit, and I am SO EXCITED. You can expect some more posts relating to that in the future, for sure.

Goals from June:

  • Schedule blog posts in advance ❌ Didn’t do much pre-writing this month, unfortunately…
  • Use my phone less ✔❌ I think I did ok with this!
  • Organize my clothes
  • Post to Instagram at least once a week ✔❌ I only missed one week, which was pretty good!
  • Work on writing
  • Do an art project
  • Read 9+ books ❌ Ha. Ha. Ha. Not even close.
  • Catch up on blog hopping

Goals for July:

I’m not going to make a whole lot of goals for July, because I’ll mostly be focusing on the fact that I’ll be traveling for most of it (!!), but here are a few:

  • Schedule posts before I go away
  • Read 9+ books
  • Be helpful with the babysitting side of my trip, but also have an amazing time and ask for help if I need it
  • Participate in the Reading Rush readathon
Let's Chat

I hope you had an amazing June! Let’s chat in the comments—what were the highlights of June for you? Did you read any more good books? What’s your favorite Glee season/episode? Have any of you been to India before? Any thoughts about the Unicorn flavor at Rita’s?

♥ Annie

June '19 Recap | Being Busy and Also Preparing for Something Really Exciting!

5 thoughts on “June ’19 Recap | Being Busy and Also Preparing for Something Really Exciting!

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  2. Oh my gosh, that’s so exciting about your trip! I hope India is amazing, and that you have so much fun. ❤ I’m so happy you’re still loving Glee! Ahh, the third season is my fave. Thank you for mentioning my posts- you have such a comprehensive list of amazing posts and I’m excited to check out some of them that I haven’t read. I hope the rest of your July and your trip are phenomenal! :))

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