6 New Travel Spreads I’m Using in My Bullet Journal This Summer

Happy July, bullet journalists! As promised in my July plan with me post, today I’m going to be delving into some travel-related things.

The post that I wrote two years ago about using a bullet journal for travel has consistently been one of my most-viewed posts, so considering that I’m going to be doing some traveling soon, I decided to bring that topic back and share some of the new bullet journal spreads that I’ve created to aid me in my travels this summer.

I hope you find something useful in this post!

6 New Travel Spreads I'm Using in My Bullet Journal This Summer

1. Trip Index

I’m going on a month-long trip this summer (I’m going to India with a family that I babysit for!), so the first spread on this list is an index page that I’m using solely for spreads related to the trip, since I’m going to have a lot of them.

I did this because I wanted to keep all of these spreads collected in the same place, so they’re easy to find and flip between.

6 New Travel Spreads I'm Using in My Bullet Journal This Summer
The font used for this header was inspired by the lovely @kaylajournals!

2. Pre-Trip To-Do List

I have a LOT of things to do to prepare for my trip, so this page is a to-do list of things that all need to get done before I leave. (As you can see, I still have quite a lot to do, haha.)

I separated the list into three categories: things that I really need to do, things that I would like to do but aren’t essential, and blog-related things. (I blurred out a bunch of those so I wouldn’t spoil you all about my upcoming blog posts!)

This categories could definitely be changed or eliminated to suit your own personal needs, though.

6 New Travel Spreads I'm Using in My Bullet Journal This Summer

3. Packing List

Ah, the classic trip preparation list. Packing lists are always essential, and for this trip, I made one that’s (hopefully) big enough to fit everything I’ll need. I separated this list into categories as well: one side for items going in my checked bag, and one side for items going in my carry-on.

In order to fit as many items onto these two pages as possible, I also split each page into three columns.

As you can see, I have not finished filling out this spread (I actually made my packing list in Google Docs first, and I’m going to hand-write my list sometime soon), so I’ll try to update this post with finished photos once I’ve, y’know, actually filled it out.

(And I’ll hopefully be able to get a photo that isn’t really weirdly lopsided like this one.)

4. Activity Ideas List

This is by no means a plan of all the things I’m going to do on my trip (it would be really hard to do all of this in a month, haha), but I decided to research some activity ideas for the city where I’ll be staying for most of the trip and start a little brainstorm list.

I just went on Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet and jotted down any monuments/parks/museums/etc. that seemed like they might be interesting.

6 New Travel Spreads I'm Using in My Bullet Journal This Summer

5. Language Reference Page

I’m trying to learn a bit of Hindi before I leave, so I made this spread as a reference page for some common/possibly useful words and phrases. This page is a work in progress, as I’ll be adding some more words in the third column.

If you’re traveling to a place where you’re not fluent in the language, I’d imagine that this could be a useful resource to pull out if you’re trying to communicate with someone.

Of course, there’s always google translate, but I wanted to have a backup for when I don’t have internet connection, and besides, writing things down generally helps people remember them better.

6. Weekend Trip Planning Page

This isn’t related to my upcoming trip, but I recently went on a weekend trip with my Mom, and this is the page I used to plan for that.

Since it was a short trip, I did all my planning on one page, with a short packing list, a mini pre-trip to-do list, and some activity ideas.

Let's Chat

I hope this post was helpful! Are you going to be traveling anytime soon? Where to? I’d love to chat about it in the comments!

♥ Annie

6 New Travel Spreads I'm Using in My Bullet Journal This Summer

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