Plan with Me | Bullet Journal Setup for July 2019

Happy (almost) July, friends! It’s Plan with Me day, and I’m excited about this one because I chose a theme that reflects an exciting thing that I’m going to be doing in July: travel!

I’m going to be talking more about my trip in my next few blog posts, but for now, let’s get into my bullet journal spreads for July!

Cover Page

Though my rendition is much simpler, this page draws inspiration from AmandaRachLee’s bullet journal setup from June 2018. (She’s an icon! 100% recommend subscribing to her immediately if you haven’t already!!)

Plan with Me | Bullet Journal Setup for July 2019

My monthly spread is fairly simple, with just some destination markers and a banner for decoration. The biggest changes that I’ve made to this spread since last month are (a) making the calendar boxes slightly bigger, and (b) replacing the monthly goals sidebar with a pre-trip to do list. I also used a blue marker to indicate which days I’ll be traveling.

Plan with Me | Bullet Journal Setup for July 2019

My highlights page for July was kept minimal as well. I was planning on coloring in the lettering on the side, but it turned out I rather like the header the way it is, so I decided to leave it.

Plan with Me | Bullet Journal Setup for July 2019

I drew some lines inside the lettering on my habit tracking page with a white gel pen to add some interest, but everything else here is largely the same as last month.

Let's Chat

I hope you enjoyed seeing my bullet journal pages for this month! I’d love to chat with you in the comments—is anyone else traveling soon? How have you set up your planner for July? Is AmandaRachLee the best or IS SHE THE BEST?

♥ Annie

Plan with Me | Bullet Journal Setup for July 2019

10 thoughts on “Plan with Me | Bullet Journal Setup for July 2019

  1. Sumedha

    I honestly absolutely love the cute drawing you did for the main page! I don’t usually draw but now I think I can try something for next month.. a small thing. I set up for July in the last minute due to ongoing finals and made it super simple. I did use a red brush pen to make the spreads pop, though! I really like colour in my bujo.

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    1. Hello Annie! Your bullet journal spread is stunning! Do you have a recommended marker brand? I am currently using PaperMate markers for my bullet journal, but I’m always looking for different brands to try out! 🙂
      I definitely agree; AmandaRachLee is the best! Something about her videos are so satisfying.
      Anyways, have a great day! 😀

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      1. Hi Saege! Thank you so much!! My favorite markers are the Tombow Dual Brush Pens (they’re technically called pens, but they feel more like markers). Each one has two different tips and they’re great for lettering. The Crayola Supertips markers are also good! They’re great because they come in big packs (which are much cheaper than the Tombow sets) and have a wide variety of colors. Ah I know, she’s amazing. ❤ Thank you, and I hope you have a great day too!

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