Pencil Case Tour | My Everyday Bullet Journal Essentials

I’ve been going through some old blog posts lately in an effort to organize my photos and tags, and one of these old posts caused me to start thinking about bullet journal supplies.

A LONG time ago, I wrote this post on the subject, (Before clicking the link, please be warned that this was written at the start of my blogging career…I like to think that my skills have improved since then.) and going back to edit it made me realize that I’ve never really talked much about my bullet journaling essentials. Sure, all my essentials were included in that original post from 2017, but that was more of a comprehensive look at my collection, and I didn’t go into detail about which supplies I use on a regular basis.

ANYWAY, that long preamble was all to say that today, I am going to be talking about my essential supplies that I keep in my pencil case and use pretty much every day when I bullet journal.

Pencil Case Tour | My Everyday Bullet Journal Essentials

First things first, let’s talk about the case itself. I ordered it from Amazon a while ago—I don’t have the exact link, but this one looks to be pretty much the same. I like using this case because it allows me to have my most important bujo supplies within reach—it’s a lot easier than rummaging through a big bin of pens every time I want to jot something down. Another benefit of having a pencil case for essentials is that it’s easily transportable.

This case in particular is good, in my opinion, because there are a bunch of little pockets and loops with with to organize my supplies.

Speaking of which, we can start off the tour by taking a look at the pen loops in my case. Here we have the writing utensils that I use most frequently: a pencil (for sketching/planning), Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens in sizes S and M, a Tombow Fudenosuke (the one with the hard tip), as well as a space for one more pen. This extra spot (currently filled in by a gold Uni-Ball pen) is one that I rotate often: whichever colored pen matches my month’s theme, that’s usually the pen that takes this extra space.

Pencil Case Tour | My Everyday Essential Bullet Journal Supplies

To our left, we can see two small pockets. The top pocket, which has a zipper, is where I keep little odds and ends that could come in handy: an eraser, a thin roll of washi tape, some sticky note flags, and a little stack of Scotch pop-up tape.

The bottom pocket is where I keep my Wite-Out tape (super helpful, btw!) and a little pad of sticky notes.

The main compartment of the case is where I store my Tombow Dual Brush pens. These are the colored pens that I use the most in my journal because they look really nice, they’re fun to use, and their dual tips and wide variety in color options make them extremely versatile. I like to use pastel Tombows in my journal the most, so those are the ones that I keep in this case. (The rest of my Tombows go in a jar in my room.)

As you can see, I also have a mini pair of scissors and a binder clip tucked into this compartment as well.

Pencil Case Tour | My Everyday Bullet Journal Essentials
Let's Chat

Thanks for touring my pencil case with me! What are your most essential bujo supplies, and how do you store them? Let’s chat in the comments!

♥ Annie

Pencil Case Tour | My Everyday Bullet Journal Essentials

12 thoughts on “Pencil Case Tour | My Everyday Bullet Journal Essentials

  1. I like your pencil case! Need to get something like that – I’d like to find a good case that’s not too big but will still hold basic bujo and sketching supplies as well as maybe crochet hook and scissors – asking a lot from a pencil case maybe? xD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. b u j o~o b s e s s e d

    Would you recommend white out tape? 🤷‍♀️ Is there one that blends in with the paper? I have a Leuchtturm1917 and the paper is completely white so the white tape stands out… 🙄
    Anyway, gr8 post!🙌 I honestly love seeing what is in other people’s pencil cases!!😂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. b u j o~o b s e s s e d

        Okay! Thanks though…👍 I am always so paranoid when it comes news spreads because I have numbered pages!😊 I can’t rip the page out, coz then the whole thing would be stuffed up! 😒

        Liked by 1 person

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