February ’19 Recap | Snow! Two 5-Star Reads!

February '19 Recap | Snow! Two 5-Star Reads!

Happy March! I’m pretty excited for this month (it contains both my birthday and a one-and-a-half-week-long break from school!), just like I’m excited to share with you my recap of February!


Favorite Books Read in February:

Numbers-wise, I didn’t have the best reading month—I read 5 books, which is still great, but less than I normally read. HOWEVER. I did read not one, but TWO five-star books this month! And I also read a webcomic that I really liked. Here they are:

Book covers are from Goodreads and link to the books’ respective Goodreads pages.

Little Fires Everywhere On the Come Up Shoot Around

New Books:

I’ve been saving some Amazon gift cards that I got for Christmas, and this month I used one of them to treat myself to two new books! One of them I’ve already read, as you know from the above section, and the other is one that I have heard AMAZING things about and that I can’t wait to get started on.

On the Come Up The Weight of Our Sky


I’ve been a bit behind with blogging and blog hopping lately—I actually skipped two posting days this month (gasp!), but I’m trying not to feel bad about it. I knew that if I had scrambled to put together a post quickly, it wouldn’t have been my best work, and that’s not what I want my posts to be like.

That said, I am hoping to get back on track in March with writing my posts ahead of time so I won’t face this dilemma again in the future.

Most Popular Posts from February:

You Asked for Perfect by Laura Silverman | School + Stress + Other Relatable Teenage Things (Blog Tour Review + Giveaway!) Top 10 Hidden Gems | Books I Loved with Less Than 2,000 Goodreads Ratings

More Posts:


The Good Place | I just started this show on the last day of February and it’s so good!

Modern Family | My family is making our way through this show much faster than our usual show-watching pace, and I am enjoying it greatly. We’re on season six right now.

Slumdog Millionaire | Such a great movie!


February was pretty chill I guess. I had my school dance, which was fun, and there was some snow. (I had a snow day and also another day with a delayed start!) I also started working out which classes I’m going to take next year, which was a little scary, but exciting too!

Goals from February:

  • Exercise almost every day
  • Instagram 1x/week ✖ Nope, haha—I did post twice though, so at least that’s something!
  • Go to bed @ 10:30 on school nights ✔✖ I did this a decent amount, but I’ll continue to work on it.
  • Work on writing ✖
  • Finish Serial season 1 ✔ It was super good! Kinda unsatisfied by the ending though :/
  • Read 9+ books ✖ Only five, unfortunately…luckily for me, I read a bunch in January, so I’m not too far behind on my Goodreads goal.
  • Prepare for standardized testing ✔

Goals for March:

  • Stick to my blogging schedule ~ This means writing posts ahead of time and having a photo shoot at the beginning of the month.
  • Instagram 1x/week
  • Go to bed @ 10:30 on school nights
  • Work on writing
  • Read 9+ books
  • Draw something
  • Blog hop better ~ I love reading other bloggers’ posts, and I really want to do a better job of blog hopping this month! (aka not reading posts like half a month after they were published because I’m so behind)
Let's Chat

How was your month? Did anything exciting happen? Chat with me in the comments!

♥ Annie

February '19 Recap | Snow! Two 5-Star Reads!

8 thoughts on “February ’19 Recap | Snow! Two 5-Star Reads!

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  2. Ohh I can’t wait for you to read The Weight of Our Sky, I’ve heard so many great things about this book!
    I’m so happy you started watching The Good Place, I love this show with all my heart, it’s SO good and I love all of the characters so much and ahhhhhhhhh, I love it haha. ❤
    I hope that March has been good to you so far and HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY and happy birthday month!!! ❤ ❤

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  3. b u j o~o b s e s s e d

    Okay, random question butttttt…
    In the first picture, what is that type of plant? I am totally obsessed with plants (not to mention bujo!) and would like to get a plant like that!!

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