A Year in My Bullet Journal | Top 10 Spreads of 2018

A Year in My Bullet Journal | Top 10 Spreads of 2018

Hello bullet journalists, and happy Saturday! In continuation of the 2018 wrap-up posts that I’ve been posting lately (bullet journal setup for 2019, personal book awards, and yearly reading stats, so far), I thought that it would be fun to take a walk through my favorite bullet journal spreads that I created this year. So, here are my top ten, in chronological order!

1. January Habit & Mood Tracker

This page, from last January, may be my favorite monthly tracker page that I’ve made. I think it’s the combination of the lettering of the ‘H’ at the top of the page, and the way the rainbow boxes look now that the tracker has been filled up. See the rest of my January spreads here.

January Habit & Mood Tracker

2. February Cover Page

I made this page to start off the month of February, known to some as InCoWriMo. InCoWriMo stands for International Correspondence Writing Month, which is why I picked a mail box to draw, and I am still super proud of how cute it looks. See the post for my mail-themed February spreads here.

February Cover Page

3. March Monthly Spread

March of this year is definitely one of my favorite monthly setups I’ve ever created. I had a tea theme, as you can see from the tea bags at the top of this page. See the whole setup here.

March Monthly Spread

4. March Highlights Page

And here is another page from March, this time my highlights page, complete with little cup doodles to go along with the theme. See the whole setup here.

March Highlighst Page

5. March Recap Page

Like I said, March was one of my favorite bullet journaling months! I played around with various doodles, washi tapes, and even a Polaroid photo for this spread, and I like how everything looks really cohesive with the green, blue, and purple accents.

March Recap Page

6. July Dailies

The drawing on the left side of this daily log took SUCH a long time, but it was worth it. I think this was my first time trying the dutch door method, and it worked out really well.

July Dailies

7. Read-A-Thon Tracker

I made this spread for the two read-a-thons that I participated in over the summer. There’s a bar for each one to track my progress with, and the challenges are listed below them. I have a post about the read-a-thons here!

Read-A-Thon Tracker

8. August Tracker

This is another tracker that I’m pretty fond of. I used a scrap of book page to decorate the edge (scandalous, I know), and I also added a quote from Six of Crows to go along with the book theme. More August spreads here.

August Tracker

9. Autumn Doodle Page

Of all the doodle pages that I’ve made, this one is my favorite. I have a whole post for it here in case you want to see some of the doodles close up!

Autumn Doodle Page

10. Year in Polaroids Spread

This spread, my year in polaroids, was inspired by the wonderful AmandaRachLee, and it’s one of my absolute favorite bullet journal ideas. (Sorry about all the blurred photos—most of the pictures have my family in them and I wasn’t sure if it was a great idea to post them online.)

Let's Chat

What are some of your favorite bullet journal spreads that you’ve made this past year? Chat with me in the comments!

♥ Annie

A Year in My Bullet Journal | Top 10 Spreads of 2018

7 thoughts on “A Year in My Bullet Journal | Top 10 Spreads of 2018

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  2. I love all your planner pages, especially the idea of a year in Polaroids – actually that’s something I decided to introduce to my 2019 planner. I plan on picking one photo per month to stick in. It’s looking so empty at the moment but seeing your page is a good reminder that it’ll look good at some point 😀

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  3. takaylbonafide

    your spreads all turned out so cute!! I especially love how your habit & mood tracker looks! I can’t wait to see what you have planned for your 2019 spreads! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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