2018 Reading Stats | What I Read in 2018 in the Form of Pie Charts!

Reading is awesome. For nerds like me, compiling overly detailed statistics about reading is awesome. And you know what’s even awesome-r?

Compiling overly detailed statistics about reading using the most wonderful invention known to humanity, PIE CHARTS.

And that’s exactly what this post is, so buckle up and get ready for a fantastically nerdy ride through my reading year! I love doing these posts so much, so I am very excited. (See my recap from last year here.)

2018 Reading Stats | What I Read in 2018 in the Form of Pie Charts!

General Yearly Stats

Books Read: 100
Pages Read: 30,803
Average Rating: 4.03 / 5

I am so proud of myself for the amount of books that I read this year! And I am also super happy that my average rating was so high.


Unsurprisingly, my most-read genre this year was contemporary, followed by fantasy.


Star Ratings

As I said earlier, it’s super great that I’ve read so many good books this year! Only 1/20 of the books that I read were below three stars (which is what I give a book if I thought it was okay/pretty good).

Star ratings

Publication Year

I did a pretty good job of keeping up with some new releases, and I read a lot of backlist books too. The oldest book I read (the one from 975) was Beowulf, which I absolutely despised.

Publication Year


Most of the books that I read this year were physical books, which makes sense, considering that I much prefer them over e-books (though I did read a decent amount of those too!). And I tried a few audiobooks as well, to varying degrees of success. I think audiobooks are pretty hit-or-miss for me, but I did LOVE listening to Louise O’Neill’s Asking For It.



The following graph shows where I got the books that I read this year. The ‘Online’ category is for webcomics and books that I read for free online. (Not pirated though! I read a few books through Simon Teen’s site, where they have a small, rotating of books that you can read for free.)

The ‘Gifted’ category includes books that were given to me, and also my school books—my parents are the ones who bought them, so I didn’t want to include them with the ‘Purchased’ books.

I’ve gotten a bunch more review copies from publishers and authors this year, which I am rather excited about—that category is up from 8% last year to 19%.


Age Range

I read mostly YA books this year, which I’m satisfied with, though I’m also glad that I did branch out some and read a decent amount of adult books as well.

Age Range


A large portion of the books that I read this year were around 300 pages, which is probably because I mostly read contemporaries, which tend to be around that length.


This graph is pretty general—it’s probably a bit approximate, as it’s hard to remember some of the books that I read at the beginning of the year, and the ‘Diverse’ section includes some books with lots of diversity, and some that only had a little bit. (I’ll go deeper into the types of diversity in the next few graphs.)

I plan to read even more diverse books in 2019, as reading diversely is really important to me!


Diversity Type

Again, this is a bit approximate, and many of the books that I read had multiple types of diversity. Like last year, the majority of the diverse books that I read had racial/ethnic diversity, though the percentage of books that I read with LGBTQ+ rep has increased significantly (11% to 27%).

I hope to continue to read lots of books with diversity in those two areas in 2019, as well as increase the percentage of books that I read that fall into some of the smaller categories.

Diversity Type

Diversity Location

For this chart, the ‘Protagonist’ category represents any book that has a marginalized protagonist, an the ‘Minor Character’ category is for the books that contain diversity in some form, but do not have diverse main characters.

Diversity Location

Protagonist Gender

Just like last year (and probably most of my life), I read more books with girl main characters than boy ones. I’m not sure if this is because there are more YA books about girls, or because I tend to read more books about girls because I’m a girl and I’m more likely to relate, but it’s probably some combination of the two.

Unfortunately, I didn’t read any books with nonbinary or genderqueer protagonists, and I hope to change that in 2019.

Protagonist Geder

Series Status

I read a lot of standalones this year, as you can see, and I also seem to have read more series starters than sequels, which is probably bad because it means that I haven’t been finishing my series.

Let's Chat

I hope you had a wonderful reading year! Do your reading habits from 2018 differ from mine, or do you have a lot of the same stats? Any good audiobook recs that I should check out? Chat with me in the comments!

♥ Annie

12 thoughts on “2018 Reading Stats | What I Read in 2018 in the Form of Pie Charts!

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  2. malanielovesfiction


    i’m so happy you had a great 2018 & i love how many diverse books u read + how many contemporaries c: c: c:

    i hope your 2019 is amazing as welll

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. EEP HOW DO YOU READ SO MUCH. ♥ I didn’t reach my goal, but I’m fine with that considering how busy I was this year! Anyway, I’m so glad that you loved most of what you read, and that there were so many diverse ones!!! Have an awesome reading year in 2019! ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Kamber Shaffer

    Wow, Annie, your charts make me feel like I need to be more organized. LOL. I’m finding reading stats are a common thing in the WordPress community, but I have never seen any until recently. I am going to start tracking my reading better in 2019 because I want to make one of these. So interesting to read and I do wonder how my stats would compare to yours. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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