The Ultimate Bookish Gift Guide | 10 Present Ideas for the Book Nerds in Your Life

Happy Saturday everyone! I usually don’t start thinking too much about the holidays until Thanksgiving, but today I’m going to be sharing something holiday-related: a bookish gift guide!

I figured I should put this post out now in case anyone is getting started early with their present shopping! I also wanted to take the opportunity of the lead-up to the holiday season to boost some small businesses and artists (that’s where a lot of the items on this list come from!) that I think are really cool.

So, if you know any bookworms who you need to get gifts for, don’t worry! You can keep reading for ten different ideas of things you can get for your bookish friends and family. 

The Ultimate Bookish Gift Guide | 10 Present Ideas for the Book Nerds in Your Life

1. Bookish Posters & Art Prints

There is so much book-related art out there that you’re sure to find a piece to fit any reader’s tastes. One of my favorite artists, Risa Rodil, has a number of beautiful bookish pieces, (shown below) but I’d recommend searching Etsy, Redbubble, and Society6 for more art.

Risa Rodil’s website:


Unless the reader you’re shopping for is a dog-earer, (or uses an e-reader) they probably use bookmarks. Sure, a torn-off piece of paper from their math homework works fine, but I think it’s nice to have some cool bookmarks too.

I love my magnetic bookmarks (first image) because they never fall out of my book. I have the sloth ones, but you can get them in a bunch of different designs. I don’t have any, but I have always admired the beautiful wood bookmarks produced by Ink and Wonder Designs (second image) too!

If you’re into art or lettering, you might also consider creating your own bookmarks, which is super fun and easy!

Sloth bookmarks:

Ink and Wonder Designs: (they also have pins and tote bags and other stuff!)


3. Bookish Mugs

Literature appreciation can be displayed even when drinking a cup of coffee! If you know a bookworm who is also a coffee- or tea-drinker, a bookish mug is the perfect gift for them. I love the ones that Cait from Paper Fury sells in her Society6 shop, and I’ve also included a mug below from Look Human that I find absolutely hilarious.

Paper Fury shop: (Cait’s designs can be bought on loads of other items too!)

“If my book is open your mouth is closed” mug from Look Human:

If my book is open, your mouth is closed

4. A Reading Light

For the late-night reader. This way you never have to climb out of bed to turn off the light!

Reading light on Amazon:

bookish gift guide_reading light

5. Buttons & Pins

Buttons can be placed on backpacks, clothes, anywhere really. They’re a great way to let everyone know that you’re a fan of books, and they’re also super cute! Some of my favorite pin designs (shown below) are from Nutmeg and Arlo and Rather Keen.

Nutmeg and Arlo’s website and Etsy shop: /

Rather Keen’s website and Etsy shop: /

6. Bookish T-shirts

Shown below are a few t-shirts I’ve come across that I greatly enjoy. I got the Shakespeare shirt on the left for my dad (who’s an English teacher) earlier this year.

“I put the lit in literature” t-shirt from Amazon:

“Hermione 2020” t-shirt from Strand Books:

“That’s how I roll” t-shirt from Brooklyn Back Room:


I put the lit in literature Hermione 2020 That's how I roll

7. Notebooks

A lot of readers are writers, and even if they’re not, it’s still nice to have a place to jot down book-related (or non book-related) thoughts. There are tons of notebook options out there, but if we’re going with the literary theme, this library card notebook from Meow Kapow! on Etsy is pretty awesome.

8. Bookish board games

Okay so the only ones I can think of for this are Harry Potter games but yeah, there are some really great Harry Potter games out there! My family has this Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit game, (and some others) which is really fun. It can be combined with the board for regular Trivial Pursuit, or it can be played on its own without a board.

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit game on Amazon:

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

9. Bookish Stickers

Who doesn’t love stickers? The ones embedded below are especially amazing, but like I said earlier, there are lots more on sites like Etsy and Redbubble!

Nutmeg and Arlo’s website and Etsy shop: /

Emma Mildred Riggle’s Redbubble shop:

10. Books (obviously)

Don’t tell me you didn’t see this one coming! Books are, of course, a perfect gift for any book lover. Just don’t forget to make sure they haven’t read the book already!


let's chat_banner

Do you know a lot of other bookworms in real life? Are there any other gift ideas I missed? Talk to me in the comments!

♥ Annie

The Ultimate Bookish Gift Guide | 10 Present Ideas for the Book Nerds in Your Life

5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Bookish Gift Guide | 10 Present Ideas for the Book Nerds in Your Life

  1. Wonderful guide, Annie! I ADORE everything Risa Rodil does, I wish I could buy ALL of her shop, really I’d get everything, SO MUCH TALENT I admire that so much. I also love bookish mugs – I have too many mugs already though so I’m trying to control myself but it is VERY HARD haha.
    Lovely post! ❤

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