October ’18 Recap | I Completed My Goodreads Goal!

October '18 Recap | I Completed My Goodreads Goal!

Happy November everyone! Another month has come and gone, and I can’t believe that 2019 is only two months away. I had a pretty good reading month, so let’s get right into the book section, shall we?


Books Read in October:

The bookish highlight of the month is that I completed my Goodreads challenge! I can’t believe I finished so early and I have to admit, I am feeling very impressed with myself. In typical me fashion, I’ve decided that since I managed to surpass 80 books, I’m going to try and reach 100 before the end of the year. It’ll be a lot, but I’ll try as best I can!

Aside from that exciting news, I have 9 books to report on from October. Two of them (Night and Never Let Me Go) were for school, three of them (On a Sunbeam, Salt, and Your Own Worst Enemy) were ARCs, and I liked pretty much everything that I read!

Book covers link to my review, or Goodreads if I haven’t posted one. All covers are from Goodreads.

On a Sunbeam Night Never Let Me Go Salt Love & Gelato The Miseducation of Cameron PostLove Letters to the Dead Your Own Worst Enemy

Bullet Journal

Not a whole lot happened in my journal this month, but I did make a “19 Before 2019” page that I’m rather pleased about. For those of you who don’t know, the concept is that you come up with 19 goals you want to complete before 2019 starts and then you try to complete them, sort of like pre-New Year’s resolutions. Hopefully I’ll stick to them this year!

19 Before 2019


Most Popular Posts from October:

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Other Posts:

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I thought it would be fun to introduce this new segment, where I’ll talk a little bit about some of my favorite things of the month.

The Hate U Give:


Gosh it’s so good.


Khalid released an EP this month and I’ve had it on repeat since I found out about it a few days ago. ❤


I guess my October was a pretty regular month. I went to school, did homework. Soccer was a little tough because my school’s team is pretty bad, but it was fun mostly, and the season ended so I have a little more free time now.

Halloween happened which was cool! I didn’t dress up, but I took my younger brother out for a bit and then I came home and had tea and candy and an Agatha Christie book.

let's chat_banner

Tell me about your month in the comments! Have you seen The Hate U Give? What were your favorite books you read this month? And if you had a Halloween costume, what was it? 🎃

♥ Annie

October '18 Recap | I Completed My Goodreads Goal!


8 thoughts on “October ’18 Recap | I Completed My Goodreads Goal!

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  3. Congrats on completing your Goodreads goal, Annie!! Reading 80 books in 11 months is amazing. 👏🏼 Good luck with your new goal of 100 books!! ☺️

    Omg I’m so excited to watch The Hate U Give movie; hopefully I’ll be able to watch it later this month! And on Halloween, my friends and I all dressed up as Alice in Wonderland characters and I was the Queen of Hearts, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yay, congrats on reaching your Goodreads goal! screams for you What did you think of Love & Gelato? I read that one a while back, and really liked it, but I think I need a reread. 🙂 Aghh, I want to see The Hate U Give SO bad, but school is just so busy…I’ll have to see it over Thanksgiving break. I hope you have a marvelous month!

    Liked by 1 person

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