My Morning Routine | Back to School 2018

My Morning Routine | Back to School 2018

Happy Saturday friends! Today, in what will be (I think) the last installment of my back to school 2018 series: my routine for getting ready in the morning before school, and some habits I’m hoping to implement into my mornings this year.

To be honest, mornings are kind of a struggle for me, (I am absolutely not a morning person!) and I’m thinking that maybe mapping out a routine here on my blog might help me commit to having good morning habits and not being super rushed and stressed in the mornings, and I might even inspire some other people as well. Fingers crossed!

My Routine

Disclaimer: I don’t actually accomplish everything on this routine every day! This is just what I want my mornings to look like ideally.

6:00—Wake up

I set the alarm on my phone with a song that I think will help me get up as smoothly as possible: sometimes it’s a really energetic song that will jolt me awake, and sometimes it’s a chill song to ease me into the day.

6:05—Go to the bathroom, wash my face, brush my teeth, etc.

Everything that has to be done in the bathroom I knock out in one go.

6:15—Get dressed

I always lay my clothes out the night before so this step is super easy!

6:20—Make myself look presentable

This is where I do something to my hair and maybe put on makeup, though I don’t do that very often (way too much time and energy for the morning lol).

6:25—Check my bullet journal

The next thing I do is double-check my to-do list and any events for the day in my bujo.

6:30—Go downstairs and pack my lunch

Sometimes I (or my one of my parents, not gonna lie) pack part of my lunch the night before—non-perishables like granola bars and stuff like that. Either way, I pack at least part of my lunch in the morning. I make a sandwich (usually pb&j, but peanut butter and Nutella if I’m lucky) and grab some fruit from the fridge before packing it all up.

6:40—Eat breakfast

Sometimes I eat a quick bowl of cereal, but usually I grab something for the go like a bagel. It depends on how much time I have left.

6:45—Leave for school

After that, I’m out! Either I walk to the train station, or my mom drops me off there, depending on timing and the weather.

Habits I Want to Implement

Right before the school year started, I spent a bunch of time on Pinterest and Tumblr trying to learn about good habits you can have that help you wake up in the morning. Probably not all of these will end up happening, but maybe writing them out here will help them stick! Positivity!

Exercise in the morning

Even if it’s just a few jumping jacks to get my blood flowing, because let’s face it, I’m not sacrificing my sleep time to go for an actual run. In all seriousness though, exercise does help me feel more awake!

Tidy up before bed

I saw a suggestion on Tumblr (I’ll link the posts that inspired this list below) that said you should do a quick mini-clean so the mess in your room doesn’t stress you out when you wake up, and I think this is so smart!

Write notes to myself

In the past, I’ve written little sticky notes for myself before going to bed with things like “You’d better get up because you need to finish your math homework!” or “Yay you get to read that really awesome book today!” and stuff like that, to either intimidate myself into getting out of bed or get myself excited about the day.

Try to keep a more consistent sleep schedule

I’m going to try really hard to go to bed around the same time (and not too late) each night. From what I’ve read, keeping your sleep schedule the same helps you fall asleep faster and therefore get more hours of sleep which is good.

Drink tea in the morning

This will be super nice once it gets cold.

Read the news

I like to stay updated about what’s going on in the world, and reading in the morning also helps your brain wake up.

Eat a good breakfast

I would really like to get ready fast enough in the mornings that I gave time to eat something for breakfast other than a granola bar, which is what I did a decent amount last year. (Nothing against granola bars, which I love, but I’m usually still hungry if I don’t eat anything else for breakfast.)

Blogs that helped me with this list: Books and Peonies | Julstudies | Eintstein (Thank you all for your wonderful tips!)

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And there you have it! My ideal morning routine. Let me know in the comments: what sort of routine do you have in the morning? How long does it usually take you to get ready? Are you a morning person or a night owl? What’s your favorite breakfast food? (On a school day, mine is Pop-Tarts. I LOVE POP-TARTS.)

♥ Annie

My Morning Routine | Back to School 2018

5 thoughts on “My Morning Routine | Back to School 2018

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  2. Great post! For me, having a morning routine is essential to me being happy and productive. I always check my bullet journal when I wake up too! Thankfully I don’t have to rise and shine as early as you do. (Not trying to brag but my middle school doesn’t start until 8:45).

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