School Supplies Haul | Back to School 2018

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for…a school supplies post! * Throws confetti * As I’m sure I’ve mentioned in previous posts, getting school supplies is my favorite part of the back-to-school season, so I’m very excited to share all of the supplies I’ll be using this year! I’ve split this post into three sections: folders & notebooks, tools & writing utensils, and locker stuff. Enjoy!

You can read all of the posts in this year’s back to school series here.

School Supplies Haul | Back to School 2018

Note: A lot of the supplies in this post are reused from previous years. I absolutely understand the thrill of fresh, new school supplies—however, I would definitely recommend reusing as many supplies as you can find that are in good shape. It’s both more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than getting new supplies every year!

Folders & Notebooks

I’ve decided to condense my folder situation a bit from last year by using this beautiful accordion folder for pretty much all of my classes. (This way I won’t have like seven different folders!) As you can see below, the only class that I have a separate folder for is choir.

School Supplies Haul | Back to School 2018

I have three notebooks this year: a one-subject graph-ruled notebook (for math), a two-subject notebook, and a three-subject notebook. As some of you may recall from my note-taking post, I put a lot of (maybe too much?) thought into how much paper I need this year. Through talking to some friends from the class above me, I think I’ve figured out which teachers give the most notes and hopefully I’ll have the right amount of notebook space for each class.

School Supplies Haul | Back to School 2018

I’m also bringing in this Leuchtturm1917 notebook (the same one from last year) as my school planner. I have a post about the spreads I set up in this notebook for tracking my assignments here if you’re interested.

School Supplies Haul | Back to School 2018

Tools & Writing Utensils

Here are the Papermate pencils and pens I picked up for this year! The pens are ballpoint, as I found that the Papermate Inkjoy gel pens I used last year smeared more because the ink took a while to dry.

School Supplies Haul | Back to School 2018 School Supplies Haul | Back to School 2018

Just like last year, I’m planning on using my Mildliner highlighters for note-taking. I actually ordered another pack of these that I’m very excited for!

School Supplies Haul | Back to School 2018

I have not yet decided which set of fineliners to bring to school for note-taking and using with my school planner: the Stabilo ones (left) have thinner tips and take up less space because there are fewer of them, and the Papermate Flairs (right) have more colors and thicker tips. I don’t know which one is better? #firstworldproblems

School Supplies Haul | Back to School 2018 School Supplies Haul | Back to School 2018

Some other random tools I’ll be keeping in my pencil case include a calculator, a ruler, and tape. And speaking of pencil cases, I ordered one but it has not yet arrived. I’m super excited to get it! It looks really nice and it has two different compartments with lots of little sections for organizing. (Here’s the link if you’re curious.)

school supplies 2018_tools

Locker Stuff

Last but not least, we have things some for my locker! I’ll be using a locker shelf for organizational purposes, and I also have a pencil cup, some magnets, and these adorable little firefly clip lights. I got these for Christmas, and my sister gave me the brilliant idea to use them in my locker! (Thanks Lucy 😘)

School Supplies Haul | Back to School 2018

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Do you love school supplies as much as I do? Which supplies are you using this year? Anyone have any insights into Stabilo fineliners vs. Papermate Flairs? Chat with me in the comments!

♥ Annie

School Supplies Haul | Back to School 2018


8 thoughts on “School Supplies Haul | Back to School 2018

  1. IM Fletcher

    Yes, yes, YES – I LOVE school supplies. My favorite aisle at Target or Walmart is always the office supply section and this time of year – the back to school section. I can spend a long time at Office Depot/Office Max just looking at all of the various notebooks. My tastes change over the years. For a long time I went to a really thin (1/2″) three ring binder just packed with college ruled paper. I love it – but for my next experiment at journalling, I’m using a cheap composition notebook – college ruled. I looked hard at that 1917 notebook, but I’m just not ready for that yet. I mostly journal to try and improve my disastrous handwriting. Glad you have all the cool new stuff! Hope you have a great year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesss school supplies are the best! I’m glad it’s not just me—I think my family’s a little weirded out by how excited I get about school supplies lol. I totally understand why you wouldn’t want to use a Leuchtturm notebook for school notes—your new system sounds cool! Thanks so much!


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