School Bullet Journal Setup for the 2018-19 School Year | Back to School 2018 (School Bullet Journal Update #3)

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It’s time for the next installment of my back to school series! (You can read all of the posts in this year’s back to school series here.)Setting up my planner is one of my favorite parts of back to school, and for those of you who don’t know, I draw out my own school planner using the bullet journal system. I would definitely say this is more of a planner than a journal, as all of my actual journaling is done in my regular bujo, but I’m still calling it a bullet journal since I do use the bujo modules and I set it up myself.

I am very pleased to say that I feel like after trying a variety of spreads last year, (you can see my very first school bullet journal post here if you’re curious) I now have a pretty good grip on what sort of planner layout works best for me for school. For this reason, I’m going to be setting up most (if not all) of my school bullet journal/planner pages before school starts. I’m hoping that this will save me some time during busy school weeks as I won’t have to set up planner pages every week.

Anyway, get ready for some back-to-school hype, because I’m about to show you all my school planner setup for this year! Can you tell I’m trying to force myself to be excited about going back to school when really I’m not ready for summer to be over?

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The first spread I set up for this school year is my big-picture calendar, or future log. It’s basically a list where I can jot down important dates (events, breaks, tests, etc.) in advance. I wanted to have sufficient space for each month of the school year, so I split my future log between two spreads. I did have a little extra space though, so I added a half-page for notes and a page for school supplies brainstorming.

I definitely allocated more space than I needed for school supplies, but I will most likely be adding some items later on.

(Click on these images to enlarge them.)



monthly spread_banner

My monthly spreads for school use a calendar layout as shown in the photo below. As you can see, I’ve tried to keep my setup pretty minimal. I’m saving my artistic spreads for my personal bullet journal, while I want this notebook to be solely focused on school.

I’ll use these spreads as a month-at-a-glance sorta thing so I can quickly see what my schedule looks like for the month.

school bujo 2018_monthly log

weekly spread_banner

The finals spread for today is my weekly spread that I’ll be using (probably) every school week for the next year. The main reason why I prefer to set up my own planner for school is that most planners available to buy don’t have vertical layouts. I really like these layouts and I feel like the traditional horizontal setup just doesn’t work for me (of course it does work for some people, which is great!)

Anyway, I’m glad that I’m able to set up this spread to my liking, because this is where I do the bulk of my assignment tracking. Every single time a teacher assigns something, I grab my journal and flip to my current weekly spread. (I mark this page with one of the built-in bookmarks in my notebook to make this quicker.) Then I jot down the assignment on the day that it’s due using my color code. (I assign a color to each class so I can easily see which assignment is for which class.)

I generally use the extra column on the far right as a sort of catch-all brain dump space to scribble down reminders or ideas throughout the week.

school bujo setup_daily log

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What kind of planner do you use for school? Do you use different bullet journals for home and school/work? I would love to hear about your setup in the comments! Thanks for reading and happy back to school to those of you who are going back soon like I am.

♥ Annie

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20 thoughts on “School Bullet Journal Setup for the 2018-19 School Year | Back to School 2018 (School Bullet Journal Update #3)

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  2. Just bought a new one as I ended up completely failing at using my old one :)) I just don’t get into it, I tend to use it only at home so when I have nothing to do it just sits there … Any advices? Great post !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I think it’s totally fine if you don’t use your bullet journal every single day—but if you want to I would recommend working it into your routine, something like “I’m going to bullet journal for ten minutes every night before I go to bed,” or leave your journal out as a reminder to make a to-do list every morning. I also think that for some people, doodling and making your journal look nice or using some new pens can be good motivation to use your journal.

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