Experimenting With Bullet Journal Weeklies: Daily Planning Update #3 | July 2018

Experimenting With Bullet Journal Weeklies: Daily Planning Update #3 | July 2018

Happy Tuesday bujo-ers! I’m writing today because I’ve been trying some adventurous new things in my bullet journal that I wanted to share! I’m generally not a very adventurous person, so I’m living on the edge vicariously through my bullet journal. Without further ado, I present to you three different weekly spreads that I’ve tried in the past few weeks!

The Simple Layout

I know I’ve talked about the basic bullet journal daily spread, but I wanted to feature this spread inspired by Cristina @my.life.in.a.bullet (a fabulous account, by the way!) because I just love it so much. It’s so simple but elegant and I just love the understated design of the boxes.

simple weekly

The Dutch Door Weekly (v1)

The dutch door technique is pretty much what it sounds like: you cut or fold part of a page in your journal to create a spread that somewhat resembles the dutch doors that open at the top and the bottom. This idea is something I’ve seen quite a bit online but have always been frightened by. (See aforementioned note about my lack of adventurousness.) Nevertheless, I finally gave in to curiosity and tried it out. Here is my first attempt:

dutch door version one

I wasn’t super happy with the outcome, as I didn’t like only having a set amount of lines per day, and my sidebars were too narrow, but I’m glad I decided to give it another go later on! (Keep scrolling to see my second attempt.)

The Combination of Both Layouts

I was much, much happier with the second dutch door spread I made. Unlike the previous one, I didn’t draw all of the headers at the beginning of the week, and when I did write them, I did them in the style of the first weekly spread in this post. Different from the two earlier spreads, I also decided to add a mini week overview on the side. I think this spread suits my planning style much more, and I’ll surely be creating more iterations in the future.

(I just realized how hard it is to see in this picture, but this IS a dutch door spread. The flap is on the right and ends right before the vertical black line.)

(Also apologies that this spread is only partially filled-out—I took these photos kinda far in advance.)

dutch door version two

let's chat_banner

What sort of weekly or daily spreads have you been using lately? Do you like to experiment, or do you tend to stick with the same sort of spreads?

♥ Annie

Experimenting With Bullet Journal Weeklies: Daily Planning Update #3 | July 2018

8 thoughts on “Experimenting With Bullet Journal Weeklies: Daily Planning Update #3 | July 2018

  1. I love experimenting with different layouts in my bullet journal! I recently tried out Dutch doors too. it frightened me also but I love how it turned out and will probably use them again later 🙂
    Love what you did with yours!!

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