How I Named Blossoms and Bullet Journals | Tips for Choosing a Blog Name

Blog names are really important. 

Your blog’s name is your reader’s first impression of you, and it sets the tone and aesthetic for your blog, so it makes sense that choosing a name to will represent your blog is incredibly daunting.

Don’t worry though! This post is basically your one-stop guide to naming your blog. It includes:

  1. An outline of the process I went through to pick a name for my blog
  2. Explanations of the different types of blog names
  3. A list of important qualities of a good blog name
  4. Tips for naming your blog and things I wish I knew about naming a blog

Hopefully this post will help some newbies or aspiring bloggers out there who are unsure about choosing a blog name!

How I Named Blossoms and Bullet Journals | Tips for Choosing a Blog Name

How I Named Blossoms and Bullet Journals

For me, picking a blog name was certainly a process, and it took a few days if I’m remembering correctly. Here are the steps I went through when I was thinking about my blog’s name:

  1. Brainstorm — I generated a list of words that I liked and that I thought might fit with the “aesthetic” of my blog (meaning the mood or vibe associated with my website) and the topics covered on it. For example, I knew I wanted journaling to be a part of my blog, so I added words like pages and planner.
  2. Narrow it down — Next I started thinking about how I could use the words from my list to create a name. This isn’t an easy process, and I took a while to mull it over. (This could just be me though, as I tend to take a while to make decisions.)
  3. Double-check — Once I settled on a name, I did a quick internet search to make sure no one else was using it already. This is important, for multiple reasons! Firstly, you want your blog name to be original. Secondly, you don’t want to get mixed up with someone else. Having two bloggers with the same or very similar names would be super confusing! And lastly (maybe most importantly), you definitely don’t want to get in trouble with any copyright stuff.

Blossoms and Bullet Journals

Types of Blog Names

One thing you might want to think about when you’re in the brainstorming process is what type of blog name you like best. Here are a few different types with examples. Remember that some names may fall into multiple categories, and there is no right or wrong type of blog name. (For the most part—I do, however, strongly advise against using numbers in your blog name. Names like Annie23 or Reader_1987 sound unprofessional.)

Note: All of the blogs that I’m using as examples of blog names are really great blogs that I follow and would definitely recommend!

Names that use alliteration — Some blogs (like mine!) have two or more words in their names that start with the same letter. This tends to make catchier titles. Examples:

Headscarves and Hardbacks

Names that use your actual name — Many bloggers work their actual names into the names of their blogs. Examples:

Aimee, Always

Purely Olivia

Names that relate to the topics covered on the blog — If you already know what sort of topics you want to write about (e.g. books, fashion, art) then you may consider choosing a name that has words relating to your blog’s topics. You can make your blog’s focus obvious or subtle. Examples:

Twirling Pages

Emma Reads

Names that are open-ended — The counterpart to the previous category. Some bloggers leave their names open-ended by using more general words that don’t necessarily allude to a certain type of blog. Examples:

Boho Berry

Sprinkles of Dreams

Names that are super catchy and fun — Sometimes these have something to do with the focus of the blog, and sometimes they’re totally random. Examples:

Paper Fury

Names that are puns — I can’t think of any examples but if you can come up with a good blog name that’s a pun then you are awesome.

Blossoms and Bullet Journals

Qualities Possessed by Good Blog Names

A quick checklist:

  • Catchy
  • Easily recognizable
  • Unique (I can’t stress this enough! You want your blog to stand out.)
  • Consistent with your blog’s topics and vibe (e.g. don’t name your food blog Annie’s Books)

Blossoms and Bullet Journals

More Tips for Naming Your Blog

Test out potential names before settling on one — Speak your potential blog names out loud and type them out, both how they’ll appear in your blog’s header section, and in url form. For example:

Blossoms and Bullet Journals

You’ll definitely want to see how your name looks written out. It would be really bad if you found out after creating your blog that your name has some sort of bad double meaning when all the words are put together.

Discuss name ideas with friends and family — If you’re stuck, asking others to help brainstorm names is a great strategy.

Try to make your title a good length — Too short, and too many unrelated sites will come up in search results for your blog. Too long, and it just becomes a pain. I’m pretty happy with my blog name, but it is annoying that I have to shorten it in order to make it fit for my Twitter and Instagram handles.

Put some thought into how specific your name should be — This is one thing I wish I had done when I was naming my blog. Like I said, I still like my name, but since I started this blog, my content has expanded. I am now blogging about books instead of just journaling, and it would be nice if that was reflected in my name. If you…

A) Are not sure yet what you want to blog about (which is totally fine by the way!) but you still want to get started with your blog

B) Think your blog might end up going in a different direction

…I would suggest picking a name that’s more general and open-ended. If you end up expanding your range of topics, you want your name to still reflect your blog.

let's chat_banner

I hope this post helped someone! Make sure to drop a comment if this post helped you, or if you have any new ideas to add. Naming a blog is hard, but that being said, try not to worry too much about picking the perfect name. It’s the actual content of your blog that matters the most!

♥ Annie

How I Named Blossoms and Bullet Journals | Tips for Choosing a Blog Name

12 thoughts on “How I Named Blossoms and Bullet Journals | Tips for Choosing a Blog Name

  1. Great post! My first blog name was actually ‘Words Beneath The Wings’ which was basically a spin on the phrase ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ but I definitely love the alliterative title more! I also think names with double meanings are fun, though I can’t think of many examples.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Annie,
    Great post! Snaps to you for giving tips for new bloggers figuring out their name. I wish I had this post 2 months ago (when I started Katie That Bookish Girl) it would have saved me a lot of time!
    -Katie K

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great post! I sure wish that I had this post when I was trying to figure out my blog name, haha. My first blog (before Purely Olivia) was named Writer’s Digest, and when I named it I had no idea there was a major website named Writer’s Digest, too… face palm Thankfully I moved on from that! 😉 Oh, and thank you for mentioning my blog name, I love yours too!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is such a wonderful post, Annie! 💛

    I definitely struggled a lot with finding my blog name, and I think this will be super helpful for people who are still figuring out what to name their blog—and I’m so flattered you mentioned mine in your post! :’)

    Happy July, I hope you have a great month!! 💛✨

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