How to Read More | 8 Tips for Making Reading a Priority

Reading is awesome. I love reading. It makes me happy. The thing about reading though, is that it sometimes gets pushed to the side, despite how much we enjoy doing it. How many times have you told yourself, “I would read more if I had more time” or  “I wish I read more books?” As my life has gotten busier in the past few years because of school, I’ve found that it doesn’t seem like I’ve been reading quite as much as I did when I was younger. But let me tell you a secret:

For the most part, we don’t lose reading time because we don’t have enough time; we don’t read as much because of how we manage our time.

I’ve discovered that, for me at least, my priorities have a whole lot more to do with my reading than the idea that I “don’t have enough time.”

With all this in mind, one of my goals for 2018 has been to prioritize reading. I’m not going to pretend like I’m one of those people who reads 24/7 and gets through 200 or 300 books per year, (If that’s you, you are amazing! Keep up the good work!) but I do think I’ve found some tricks since the beginning of this year that have helped me start to make my reading more of a priority, and in this post, I’m going to share them with all of you!

Blossoms and Bullet Journals

1: Set aside reading time before you go to bed each night.

Reading in bed has always helped me settle down before I go to sleep, and allocating some time for reading before lights-out, even if it’s just 10-20 minutes, is a great way to work reading into your daily routine. If you normally go to bed at 10:30, tell yourself, “I’m going to get ready for bed at 10, and then I’m going to read for 20 minutes.” Easy, right?

Blossoms and Bullet Journals

2: Always carry a book with you.

You never know when you might get a few free minutes, so you should always be prepared! Maybe you’ll be early for a class, or maybe you’ll have to sit in a waiting room for a while. Instead of staring mindlessly at a wall, use those little bits of time to read a couple of pages. They’ll start to add up, and it also helps to prevent boredom. There’s nothing worse than getting some unexpected free time and not having anything to do with it! (Well, maybe there are worse things, but you catch my drift.)

Blossoms and Bullet Journals

3: Put your phone away.

This one is relevant not just for reading, but for life in general. How much time do we spend doing pointless stuff on our phones when we could be reading books? (This sounds like something a persnickety great-grandparent would say, but seriously, it’s true.) I use technology more than I would like, and cutting down on that time is definitely something I’m working on! The less pointless screen time we have, the more time we have free for other stuff like reading.

Blossoms and Bullet Journals

4: Leave a book next to your bed.

If tomorrow is an off day for you and you know you won’t have any morning commitments, you can sort of trick yourself into reading as soon as you wake up. If you leave a book right beside your bed, it’ll be the first thing you see when you wake up. In my experience, this is a great reminder to get some reading in, and I love reading in bed in the mornings.

Blossoms and Bullet Journals

5: Read in the shower.

Still not sure if I’m 100% on board with this idea, but it’ certainly an interesting proposition. If you’re interested, I highly recommend checking out this tutorial where booktuber Christine explains how to read in the shower (in a very humorous way, I might add). Just make sure you don’t get too caught up reading, as you don’t want to waste water! You could also opt for reading in the bath if you’re less of a daredevil.

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6: Listen to audio books.

Audio books aren’t for everyone, but I enjoy listening to them occasionally. The great thing about audio books is that you can read them while you’re doing other things—cooking, going for a run, cleaning, driving, etc. Overdrive and Hoopla are two free websites where you can borrow audio books with your library card. (I use and love both of them!)

Blossoms and Bullet Journals

7: Read during your commute.

Like I mentioned above, audio books are a great option if you’re driving. If you take public transit like me (or if you uber, take taxis, etc.) then you can also try reading a regular book. Just make sure you don’t get motion sick! Personally, I’ve found that I feel really sick when I read in the car, but I’m usually fine when I read on the train, but this is different for everyone.

Blossoms and Bullet Journals

8: Only read books you actually enjoy.

This last one is SUPER IMPORTANT. Not only is it just pointless to read a book that you don’t like (unless you have to read it for school or something—then it’s not pointless), but forcing yourself to read certain books risks slowing down your reading progress. If you aren’t enjoying a book, consider reading a different one. You’ll feel a lot more motivated to pick up a book if you’re liking it, and thus, you’ll get through books faster.

It’s important to remember that the point of reading for pleasure is to read because it makes you happy, so it doesn’t make sense to force yourself to read books that you don’t want/need to read. I am certainly guilty of this, and we all need to remind ourselves that our happiness is so much more important than finishing books we don’t like.

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Do you have any more tips for how to read more? Please comment them below—I’d love to get some more ideas! Thanks for reading!

♥ Annie

How to Read More | 8 Tips for Making Reading a Priority

15 thoughts on “How to Read More | 8 Tips for Making Reading a Priority

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  4. Great tips!! I do most of my reading at bedtime- I go to bed at least an hour earlier than I intend to sleep. I also keep a book in my locker at work so that I can chip in 10-15 minutes of reading time during break. But it’s hard for me to keep my phone away 🙄 I know it’s bad, I really need to stop. I hope to do so soon!! Anyway great writing! ❤️

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  6. I love these tips so much! I get most of my reading done on trains, since I have two hours every day to go to and back from work. I also got into the habit of always having a book with me, we never know when we might be able to squeeze in some reading time 😀

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  7. Cait @ Paper Fury

    Yesss these are so great! I love your tips and I’m trying to get in the habit of going to be “early” so I can read. 😂 Plus I find it’s better to read before bed instead of being on the computer/phone?! Although I doooon’t get the shower one haha. Wouldn’t it be easier to have a quick shower and then get out and read in safe/dryness? lol lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Cait!! Yes going to bed “early” is a great strategy lol. Definitely, I think it’s harder to fall asleep after staring at a device. And I totally get your point…shower reading has some large flaws, but I think the idea is that being in the shower is relaxing so that’s why some people would rather do that than get a really fast shower. Idk, I’ve only tried it a couple times because I was curious, and it was kinda nice. Another problem though was that you can’t actually get much reading in because you don’t want to waste water, so…


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