9 Ideas for Incorporating Photos in Your Bullet Journal (Aka How to Make Pretty Spreads With Minimal Time and Effort)

I like making my bullet journal pretty. Not everyone does, and that’s totally fine, but I do. I really enjoy creating artistic spreads that make me feel good when I look at them; however, I don’t always have time to create intricate drawings, and I’m sure most of you don’t either. That’s why using photos is the perfect solution—all you have to do is grab a picture and stick it in your notebook! Lucky for you, I’ve put together a list of nine ideas for using photos in your journal.

#1: Stick pictures in with your dailies

The easiest way to add photos to your journal is to weave them in with your dailies. This is a great way to include some everyday memories in your spreads and make your daily logs more fun.

Whenever you take a really good photo, print it out and tape it in with your daily for the current day. If you’re like me and you don’t have a printer, try printing at school/work, or at a public library—I think they usually have printers that people can use. If you want higher quality photos, you can use shutterfly.com—at the moment, you can get free prints from their app (you just have to pay for shipping).

You can also use an instant camera if you have one or know someone who does, like I did for these pages:

(click on photos to enlarge)

#2: Take a photo every day and use them to create a spread

Recently, my mom, sister, and I did a project where we each took a photo every day and shared them in a group chat. It was super fun, and I really wanted to have my photos on paper instead of just interspersed throughout my camera roll on my phone. My solution? A journal spread, of course.

photo a day

I put all my pictures in a google doc, printed it, and cut out each of the squares, arranging them on grids in my journal. (I used up quite a few pages doing this.) Which brings me to my next idea:

#3: Frame your photos with colorful papers

When I made my photo a day spread, I decided to frame each photo with sheets of origami paper. All I had to do was cut pieces from the origami paper that were a bit bigger than the photos and attach them with double-sided tape. (You could roll up pieces of regular tape as well.)

#4: Attach photos with washi tape

Ah, washi tape, the crafter’s best friend! Use some short strips of washi to attach photos and add a pop of color. Try to pick a tape that matches the theme and colors of the page you’re adding the photo to.

washi tape

#5: Use photos to create a cover page

I always make a cover page when I start a new journal and at the beginning of each month. If you’re pressed for time, or you just think it would look nice, try using photos. You can cut something nice-looking out of a magazine like I did (I used a Pottery Barn catalog) or use a photo that you took. Play around with layering photos, words, sticky notes, and stickers on your cover page.

cover page

#6: Use photo corners

Photo corners both keep your pictures from falling out AND look super awesome, especially if you’re going for a vintage look. Here is a pack of black photo corners, and here is a pack with assorted colors.

photo corners

#7: Give a photo a page to itself

A photo is sure to stand out if it’s the only thing on the page. If you have a picture you especially love, why not stick it in the middle of the page and call it a day? This works particularly well if you’re going for a more minimalist bullet journal.

photos in bujo_full page

#8: Make an outfit collage

Cut and paste clothing ideas from magazines and voilà! You have an outfit inspo board. You could also easily tweak this idea and make some other sort of inspiration collage.

outfit board

#9: Create a mood board

Print aesthetic pictures from pinterest, google, etc. and arrange them in your journal to create a mood board or dream board! I made one last year when I had some extra space at the bottom of this playlist page:

photos in bujo_mood board

(inspo for this page: @vestiblr)

let's chat_banner

I hope you found some inspiration in this post! Let me know in the comments if you plan on trying any of these ideas, or if you have any other ways you use photos in your journal.

♥ Annie

9 Ideas for Incorporating Photos in Your Bullet Journal (Aka How to Make Pretty Spreads With Minimal Time and Effort)

16 thoughts on “9 Ideas for Incorporating Photos in Your Bullet Journal (Aka How to Make Pretty Spreads With Minimal Time and Effort)

    1. Thanks Sam! Most of the photos in this post are either ones that I took myself or clipped out of old catalogs/magazines, but I do get photos from Pinterest and Unsplash as well—I just search for whatever it is I want a photo of and see what comes up. I’ll also link a few of my favorite Pinterest accounts below that have nice photo boards:


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  2. Joyce

    My husband just passed away in June of this year. I’ve made a tribute page in my bullet journal, which I’m just starting my first ever. A photo of him is in the centre of it.

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