Plan with Me | Bullet Journal Setup for April 2018

It’s that time again! March has been a great month for me so far, and I can’t wait to show you all my bullet journal setup for April.

monthly spread_banner

I’m keeping this spread pretty minimal, and I’m pretty pleased about how it looks. I decided to do a sky theme for April, so expect lots of clouds and rainbows. Just like last month, my monthly spread is comprised of my April calendar and a sidebar for priorities and tasks for the month.

monthly spread

Sorry about the weird lighting in the photos…this post was a tiny bit rushed because I’m actually on a trip right now and I had to get it done before I left. (Also it’s weird saying this because as I’m writing I’m not actually on the trip but I know when you read this I will be?) Anyway, moving forward.

habit tracker_banner

So here’s my habit tracker for April. If you remember from last month, I switched up the layout a little bit, and I’m still liking it. I did just realize, however, that I forgot to actually write in the habits and the clouds are kind of in the spot where the habits are supposed to be. Oh, well. That’s what wite-out tape is for, right?



This page is staying the same as March because I really like it, both conceptually and aesthetically. I’ve been really enjoying taking a minute each day to write down one or two good things that happened to me.

april plan with me_highlights

editorial calendar_banner

Last but not least, my blog planning spread!

editorial calendar

let's chat_banner

Have you set up your journal for April? Are you excited for spring/fall (depending on where you live)?? (I am!)


♥ Annie

april pwm_pin

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