InCoWriMo Recap 2018 | I Wrote 28 Letters in 28 Days!

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InCoWriMo: the month of letter writing. I managed to write a letter for every day of February last year, and I’m happy to say I did the same this February as well!

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My favorite envelope I created is probably this one that I sent to my friend Anaya:

plant envelope

Go plants! I also drew another plant-themed envelope for the lovely Shelby @ Little Coffee Fox.


I hand-delivered these two letters to my parents after making the envelopes out of pages from a pottery barn catalog. Just goes to show that you don’t need a ton of fancy supplies for letter-writing!

mom & dad

I’m also really happy about this letter I wrote to Grace VanderWaal, one of my favorite singers. As soon as I found out that she had a P.O. box for fan mail, I knew I had to write her a letter!


Along with my letter, I included some fan art that I based off of this photo. Thank you to my mom for giving me some pointers! (Art teacher mom for the win.)

grace envelope and art

I sent a birthday card to my cousin in a homemade envelope decorated with washi tape. I’m still not sure about the color combination, but I like how the circle in the middle turned out—I made the background circle with a page from an old book.

washi envelope

And last but not least, a letter for the wonderful Kara of Boho Berry! Unfortunately, I took this photo with the bathroom floor as a backdrop and it doesn’t match the other photos, but I really wanted to share the envelope.

incowrimo recap_boho berry

overall thoughts_banner

It was certainly hard to keep up with writing a letter EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. But I’m so proud of myself! Even though a most of them ended up being little notes for my family that I hand-delivered, because those still count!

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Did you participate in InCoWriMo? How did you do? Talk to me in the comments!


♥ Annie

I wrote 28 letters in 28 days!

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