The ONE Thing You Should Do When You’re Starting a Bullet Journal | A Trip Through My Practice Bujo

Starting a bullet journal is HARD. It’s so easy to be overwhelmed and have no idea where to start. Not to mention the whole fancy journaling supplies rabbit hole that I DEFINITELY DID NOT fall down, haha. What you really don’t want to do is buy a crazy expensive journal, write in it for a few days, and decide you’re too overwhelmed and stop using it.

Well guess what?! Because I’m a really nice person, I’m going to share with you my #1 most helpful thing I did when I first started bullet journaling, which is…

(eh-hem, drumroll please)

Starting a practice journal!

My #1 advice for bullet journal newbies!

Yes, that’s correct! The answer is not buy a ton of supplies or spend an entire lifetime obsessing over bujo pictures on Pinterest. (Not that those things are necessarily bad! But seriously, there is a such thing as too much.)

Note: aside from practicing, I would definitely recommend watching the original bullet journal video if you’re new to bullet journaling!

The best thing I did when I first found out about bullet journaling was practice in an old journal I had lying around in my room. I got some markers and crayons I had (yes, I used crayons) and just started experimenting, trying out spreads and lettering styles and trying to figure out how I wanted to use my bullet journal.

There are a few reasons why “practicing” bullet journaling before you commit is a good idea:

  1. You won’t feel bad if you decide that bullet journaling isn’t for you. You might start out and find that you don’t actually like bullet journaling, which is totally fine! If you’re like me, it’ll be a lot easier to admit that to yourself if you just go in with the attitude that you’re having a trial run and not commiting to anything.
  2. You don’t have to spend any money! Assuming you have a writing utensil and some sort of notebook, or even just loose paper, you don’t have to go out and buy anything. Purchasing a fancy notebook is 100% NOT necessary for bullet journaling, but I eventually decided I wanted to invest in a nicer journal, and I didn’t want to start in a fancy notebook without any bujo experience.
  3. Getting some practice in makes starting less scary. For me at least, starting any sort of blank notebook, regardless of the quality, is a bit intimidating. It’s a lot easier to get started without any pressure to not make mistakes. It’s a practice journal, so who cares if it looks like crap?
  4. You get to test out your ideas and get a feel for your journaling style before the real deal.

So basically, I found that practicing made it a lot easier to try out bullet journaling without any pressure. My practice journal is not some of my best work, but that’s okay! In fact, for the first time ever, I’m going to share some photos of my very first attempt at a bullet journal. Get ready to travel back in time to June 2016!

cover page
My first ever cover page! What an interesting lettering style…
Having a practice bujo really helped me flesh out which symbols I wanted to use for what.
My daily logs have certainly changed a lot!
habit tracker
One valuable lesson I learned from my practice journal is that you should always plan out your trackers so you don’t have empty space…
book log
I actually still use a variation of this spread!

let's chat_banner

I hope you enjoyed seeing my earliest bullet journal! How did your first journaling attempt look? Is there anyone else who used crayons or is it just me?! 😉


♥ Annie

My #1 advice for bullet journal newbies!

2 thoughts on “The ONE Thing You Should Do When You’re Starting a Bullet Journal | A Trip Through My Practice Bujo

  1. Great post! I recently bought a Leuchtturm1917 because I fell down the rabbit hole too. 😭 But, I have been practicing in a different notebook for a bit! I’ve only been tracking my mood, habits, books and movies so far and I made a WIP tracker I haven’t yet used.

    I’m planning to use the practice journal until June though and use the new one to plan my summer – definitely agree with this advice because I’m still trying to figure out how I want to use it and what works for me.

    I don’t use any crayons or colouring pencils. Just a black pen and Zebra mildliners (yet another purchase from falling down the rabbit hole of studygram, BUT I love them so they were definitely worth it.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Nadia! It’s so easy to fall down the rabbit hole. But the Leuchtturm notebooks are super amazing!!! I really like the WIP tracker idea. I’m glad you think having a practice journal is helpful too! Mildliners are really great—I use them for my notes at school all the time. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who used crayons 😉 Good luck getting started with your Leuchtturm!

      Liked by 1 person

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