School Bullet Journal Update #1

Since my second semester started recently, I figured now would be a good time to update you all on how I’ve been using my school bullet journal! For my original school bullet journal post, click here.

School Bullet Journal Update | Blossoms and Bullet Journals

weekly spread_banner

My weeklies are by far my most used spread. At the end of almost every class, I flip to the week’s corresponding page—I place one of my Leuchtturm notebook’s ribbon bookmarks on the page to make it easier—and jot down the homework the teacher has assigned.

School Bullet Journal Update

I always write an assignment in the column corresponding to the day that it’s due. Then, after I’ve completed the assignment, I put a little x next to it. I use a color code for my classes—blue for English, green for history, etc. That makes it easier to glance at the column and see which books I’ll need to bring home that night. All of the assignments are written in with my Papermate Inkjoy pens.

I love the color selection of the Papermate Inkjoys, but I haven’t been super pleased with how much they smear. It might just be the type of paper I’m using, but I always try to be careful and not touch any writing for a bit after I’ve written it. Generally though, they’re very good pens.

School Bullet Journal Update

I use the top section of the day’s column to mark any tests or quizzes on that day, also in the class’s color.

There’s some extra space on the side as well, so I use that area to write down anything important in the near future, or just to jot down any random ideas I have.

monthly spread_banner

I’ve been using the monthly spread to write down assignments or tests that are too far in advance to put on the weekly spread, as well and off days and other events.

School Bullet Journal Update

And that’s pretty much it! I use just those two spreads the majority of the time, and it’s been working well.

let's chat_banner

I hope you enjoyed this quick update! If you’re a student too, what kind of planner do you use for school?


♥ Annie

School Bullet Journal Update | Blossoms and Bullet Journals

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