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I am excited to announce that I am participating in another of Aentee’s (Read At Midnight) reading challenges! I really enjoyed #TheReadingQuest, so I’m super excited that Aentee has decided to host another one. #ReadersCrossing started on December 10th and ends on December 31st.


If you’re interested in joining the challenge (you’re allowed to join even after it’s started) be sure to check out Aentee’s original post, but I’ll explain the basics here:

The game is based off of the newly released game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. I barely ever play video games, so I hadn’t ever heard of pocket camp, but I decided to download it after reading Aentee’s post. Turns out it’s pretty fun! It’s very low-key and there are lots of cute animals. 🙂

The challenge is structured around a bingo board, with a different task in each space (e.g. ‘graphic novel or manga’ or ‘book award winner.’) The more tasks you complete (so the more books you finish,) the more points you get. In this post, I’ll be sharing five books on my tbr for the challenge, as well as a bullet journal spread I designed to keep track of my points.

romance plot.new-graphic

Rules of Rain | Leah Scheier

I actually just finished this one yesterday! It was…well…it wasn’t my favorite. But I’ll explain all that when I post my review later this month. (I’ll try to link reviews here once I’ve written them, if I remember, but let’s face it…that may or may not happen.) There were other major plot lines in Rules of Rain besides the romance, but it was definitely an important part of the story. (Update: Read my review here.)

middle grade.new-graphic

Nightfall | Shannon Messenger

I AM SO EXCITED TO READ NIGHTFALL!!! This is my current read and OMG I AM SO HAPPY I FINALLY HAVE IT. Waiting a year for a book to be released is torture.

set in your country.new-graphic

Love, Hate, and Other Filters | Samira Ahmed

Arc! My wish for this got granted on Netgalley and it just made my day!


The Way the Light Bends | Cordelia Jensen

Super excited for this one too! (also an arc) If you’ve read any of my recent posts with tbrs, you’re probably getting really tired of seeing the EXACT SAME BOOKS, but that’s just the bookworm life. :b

animal on cover.new-graphic

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings | Maya Angelou

I’m reading Maya Angelou’s memoir in school right now (and loving it!) and I think we’re going to finish it before winter break, so I’m including it here.

bullet journal spread.new-graphic

Knowing me, I had to create a bullet journal spread for the challenge, so here are some photos! I have the bingo board, and then on the side I have the points system and a chart so I can log all the points I collect.

(Click to enlarge)

let's chat.new-graphic

Are you participating in #ReadersCrossing? What books are on your tbr for this month? Talk to me in the comments!


♥ Annie

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5 thoughts on “#ReadersCrossing Tbr

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  2. Cait @ Paper Fury

    I didn’t like Rules of Rain either so you’re not alone!🙈 It was a bit problematic with the autism rep too unfortunately. So excited that you got approved for Love Hate And Other Filters though!! I’m super keen for that one too, eeeep. Good luck for the challenge! 😉 It looks like a ton of fun.

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