Daily Planning Update #1 | December 2017


Hi! So I thought it might be nice to start writing updates every once in a while about my daily planning process with my bullet journal, as my spreads are constantly evolving. In this update, I’ll go over how I’m journaling currently: where I bullet journal, the supplies I always use, and what my daily spreads look like.

where i plan.new-graphic


Right now, I’m doing pretty much all of my bullet journaling right before I go to sleep. After I’ve finished homework and gotten ready for bed (showered, laid out clothes, brushed teeth, etc.) I get in bed and open up my bullet journal.

spreads i use every day.new-graphic

The first thing I do is fill out my habit tracker an mood tracker. I use my habit tracker partially as I way to remember when I last did something (e.g. I can look at my habit tracker and see how many days ago I watered my plants) and partially as a reminder for myself. Filling out my habit tracker sometimes serves as a reminder for me—for example, one item on my habit tracker is setting my alarm clock. If I didn’t see “set alarm” when I’m doing my habit tracker, I would probably forget to set it most of the time.

Then, I do a doodle on my doodle a day page and I jot down any blog or instagram posts I posted on my editorial calendar.

After all those spreads are filled out, I turn to my current daily log (usually marked by one of my Leuchtturm notebook’s ribbon bookmarks.) I check off the tasks that I completed and jot down any notes I have about the day. Next, I set up the next day’s daily log, migrating over any tasks that didn’t get completed. Here’s an example of some of my recent daily logs:


My dailies (and almost all my other spreads, for that matter) are constantly changing, which is why I thought it would be a good idea to document them in these update posts.

When I set up my daily logs, I always flip to my current weekly spread (marked by the other bookmark) to check if there are any events scheduled for the upcoming day. Here’s one of my weekly spreads from November:

tempImageForSave (1)

When I first started bullet journaling, the difference between daily and weekly logs confused me, and I think it confuses other beginners too. What I’ve found is that, in a nutshell, weeklies are similar to dailies in that there’s usually a section for each individual day; however, weekly logs are set up at the beginning of the week, and daily logs are set up on a day-to-day basis. Some people just use weeklies, some just use dailies, and some use both. (I use both.)

I’m thinking about making my weekly spreads a little bigger in the month of December, because I have a lot of pages to fill up—I’m hoping that I’ll fill up this journal by the end of this month so I can use a new notebook for the new year. Here’s an example of a slightly bigger version of the weekly log pictured above:

tempImageForSave (2)


Back in the middle of October, my mom and I decided that we were each going to try and take at least one picture every day. To help stay motivated and not forget, we text each other the photos. Since then, my sister has joined, and we’ve all taken a photo (almost) every day. Why am I telling you this, you might ask? Because I have taken these photos and created bullet journal spreads with them.


I printed out the photos I’ve taken so far and used double-sided tape to stick the into my journal. I arranged the photos in a grid and used origami paper cut into squares slightly bigger than the photos to frame them, and I’m rather pleased with how these spreads have tuned out! I think I’m going to keep adding more of these to my bujo, as the challenge is still going!

I know this isn’t exactly related to daily planning, but I thought I’d share it because it is something I’ve been working on in my bullet journal recently.

what's in my pencil case.new-graphic

I keep my journal (with Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen attached with a Leuchtturm pen loop) and my pencil case, filled with my most essential bullet journal supplies, right next to my bed. (To see all of the bullet journal supplies I own/use, click here.)


These supplies are always in my pencil case:

  • Small sticky notes for planning blog/instagram posts and for planning out my spreads
  • White-out tape
  • Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens (hard and soft tip)
  • Ecoalva fountain pen
  • Faber-Castell pitt artist pen (size s)
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Small scissors
  • Ruler
  • One or two rolls of washi tape
  • Tombow Dual Brush pens (right now the ones in my pencil case are all pastel colors)

let's chat.new-graphic

What does your planning routine look like? What are your essential journaling supplies? Where do you bullet journal most often?


♥ Annie

Daily Planning Update #1 _ Blossoms and Bullet Journals

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