Plan with Me | Bullet Journal Setup for December 2017

dec pwm

Hi friends! I hope you’ve had a great November. I cannot believe 2017 is already ending. In today’s post, I’ll be showing you my bullet journal setup for * gasp * December, which is filled with Stranger Things- and Christmas-inspired designs!

review and cover page.graphic


(That photo is upside down on purpose, hehe. I’m so punny.)

My review page is the same this month, except for the font. I simply drew out block letters and used my tombow fudenosuke brush pen to add shadows to the right sides of all the letters.


My cover page is where the real fun begins! I’ve decided to go with a Stranger things Christmas theme for December. If you’ve seen the show, you’ll know why Christmas lights are important! (If you haven’t, I highly recommend doing so immediately.) I also wrote the heading for the month in the Stranger Things font. If you want to replicate the font too, here’s the picture I used.


monthly spread.graphic

My monthly spread for December was inspired by the amazing AmandaRachLee. (Check out her YouTube! It’s awesome!) In addition to the calendar, there are more Christmas lights, and some doodles of the Stranger Things kids. (Plus Steve Harrington, the best babysitter in the universe.)


trackers and doodle a day.graphic


My habit tracker has stayed pretty much the same: grid for habits (I haven’t written them along the side yet) and boxes at the bottom for mood tracking, inspired by Boho Berry.


So far in November, I’m really enjoying my free-form doodle a day page! If you’ll  remember from last month’s plan with me post, I’ve ditched my old system—a grid where I doodle in one box per day—in favor of a blank page. With my new system, I just add something new each day.


editorial calendar.graphic


I am sticking with last month’s editorial calendar as well. Having a ton of space to plan my blog and Instagram posts has been super helpful!



Have you set up your bujo for December? Do you have a theme each month? Do you watch Stranger Things? And most importantly, which ST kid is your favorite???


♥ Annie

dec pwm pin

26 thoughts on “Plan with Me | Bullet Journal Setup for December 2017

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  3. Wow, this was so cool; I loved your little nods to Stranger Things – it’s scary good, right? Your doodle a day page was so inspiring – love it! I was wondering how you created the headers on the actual page of the blog post – not in your journal – cos they are really cool. Thanks x

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  5. Hi! I’m a very early blogger and I just uploaded my first post. I really love your bullet journal, it’s so pretty! I especially like how you draw those Christmas lights! I love the way you take your photos with leaves and fairy light around your bullet journal! I also have a bullet journal, but I’m starting with a Leuchtturm1917 notebook next year and I’m really excited to be using it!

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