Skavenger’s Hunt by Mike Rich // ARC Review


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From Goodreads:

After young Henry Babbitt tragically loses his father, he can’t help but remember the promises of the great adventures they would now never take. Then, on a snowy Christmas Eve, his grandfather reveals that he’s tracked down a series of mysterious century-old clues left by Hunter S. Skavenger, the eccentric magnate who launched the first and greatest scavenger hunt.

Hours later, on Christmas Day, Henry finds himself magically transported back to 1885, where he teams up with a ragtag band of youngsters in a quest to solve Skavenger’s elaborate puzzle. From New York to the Mississippi riverboats to the streets of old Paris, Henry and his new friends face off not only against brilliant competing teams, but also Skavenger’s own dark and elusive nemesis: Hiram Doubt.

what I liked

The plot was definitely my favorite element of the book. I really enjoyed the adventure and the way the riddles and everything played out. All of the clues for the scavenger hunt were really clever! I also really liked how the book has some educational value without being a huge info dump. There are a bunch of historical facts that were sort of sneakily sprinkled in, which made it feel like the facts were helping to add to the setting and the plot, rather than just being there to teach the kids reading the book about history. Another thing I enjoyed were the friendships between the kids in the book.

what I didn't like.graphicMy main problem with Skavenger’s Hunt was the predictability; however, I felt like the book was a LOT less predictable in the second half than it as in the first. There was a plot twist near the end that I did NOT see coming! As far as characters, I wished the backstories of some of the side characters had been more fleshed out (especially Ernie). Also, the whole thing with Abigail was just annoying. Her character was so unnecessary; Henry just gushed about how pretty she was for one paragraph, and then we never saw her again. I understand how the author wanted to have everything come full circle at the end, but still. In general, Henry was kind of a flat character, and his dialogue felt somewhat unrealistic. (He used weird phrases like “mmmboy” and “looksee,” despite him being a 12 year-old in the 21st century. 

There was one other annoying thing that didn’t occur to me while I was reading the book, but I realized when another reviewer mentioned it: Henry and his grandfather deliberately keep the hunt a secret from Henry’s mom and grandmother for no apparent reason. This is so stupid and I don’t know why I didn’t notice it while reading.

To Recap

Overall, Skavenger’s Hunt was a bit on the average side, but it was a fun adventure.


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♥ Annie

Thanks to Netgalley and Inkshares for sending me an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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