Plan with Me | Bullet Journal Setup for November 2017

nov pwm title

I have to say, I am super pleased about my November setup in my journal! Between soccer and schoolwork, I have been really busy, so I’m keeping it kinda simple this month, with only a few spreads. (Simple for me, anyway, haha.)

So, without further ado, let’s dive into my bujo setup for November!

review and cover page.graphic


So my review page (learn more about how I use this spread here) is basically the same setup, except I blended two different shades of orange for the header. Fancy.

⇒ For those of you who are curious, I used the Tombow Dual Brush Pens in #873 (coral) and #991 (light ochre). I used the colorless blender pen to blend the two colors.

I am SUPER DUPER happy with my cover page! I am doing a fall/leaves theme this month, as is evident from this wreath…thing.

monthly spread.graphic


Just like last month, I’m going to be using a calendar layout for my monthly spread, with a small sidebar for monthly tasks and goals. This layout has been working really well for me. If you like to have your month planned out visually like I do, I’d strongly recommend a calendar layout.

trackers and doodle a day.graphic


Here are my habit and mood trackers for November, which have also stayed pretty much the same, aside from the doodles and lettering.

I actually do not have a picture to show you of my setup for doodle a day, because I’m changing it up with that spread! Instead of setting up a box for each day, I just have a header and then a blank page. My idea is that I’ll just free draw and fill up the page with doodles throughout the month, similar to Kara @ Boho Berry’s gratitude log:

I’m sure I’ll be giving an update about how this works out on my instagram, so if you’re interested, be sure to follow me over there.

editorial calendar.graphic


One of my biggest changes this month is my editorial calendar, which is where I plan out my blog and instagram posts. Instead of having one spread for the whole month, I’ve split it into two 3-week spreads. Lately this page has felt a bit cramped, so I split it up in order to make more space for planning.


Thanks for reading! What spreads are you using in your bullet journal this month? Also, I have a question: any ideas for themes I can do in my bujo? (In the past I’ve done space, plants, origami, halloween, leaves.) I know what I’m doing for December, but I’m running out of ideas!


♥ Annie

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