Plan with Me | Bullet Journal Setup for October 2017

pwm oct.png

Aaannnddd it’s almost a new month! I feel very accomplished to have gotten through two weeks of school. And I also did ok at blogging this month despite having to actually do schoolwork! Hurrah!

I can’t wait to share this post with you all, so without further ado, I present my bullet journal setup for October!

(Don’t even know what a bullet journal is? It may be a good idea to read up on the basics first—I have a post right here that will explain everything you need to know.)

review and cover page.graphic

Plan With Me: Bullet Journal Setup for October 2017 | Blossoms and Bullet Journals

My review format has stayed exactly the same from last month: four boxes to help analyze which spreads to keep, ditch, change, and try. (To learn about how I do my monthly reviews, click here.)

For my cover page this month, I kept it super simple: two cute little pumpkins and some cursive.

monthly spread.graphic

Plan With Me: Bullet Journal Setup for October 2017 | Blossoms and Bullet Journals

I’m rather excited about how my monthly spread came out! I did mess up a bit and draw too may boxes, but nothing a little wite-out tape can’t fix! As you can see, I’m going with a Halloween theme this month. (Because, um, Halloween is coming up.) I found these adorable little ghost babies on Pinterest, which is like the best thing ever created.

trackers and doodle a day.graphic

habit tracker

My habit tracker has stayed largely the same. I am loving the Boho Berry-inspired mood tracker I started using last month—the only change is that I added a few more moods at the bottom. My ‘doodle a day’ spread has been working really well for me in September, so I just condensed it so it would fit onto one page.

editorial calendar.graphic

Plan With Me: Bullet Journal Setup for October 2017 | Blossoms and Bullet Journals

My editorial calendar is super simple this month. This is where I plan all my blog and Instagram posts.

Very short and simple this month! As you may have noticed, I eliminated my sleep and run trackers. (Both were new last month.) I used the run tracker ZERO times. So, that’s why I’m not doing that spread again. And I did keep up with my sleep tracker, but it just feels sorta pointless, like it’s not really helping me in any way.


Thank you for reading! Now, tell me:

  • What sort of spreads are you using in your bullet journal for October?
  • Do you plan out your blog or social media posts in advance? What do you use to plan them?
  • And, most importantly, if you’re dressing up for Halloween, who are you going to be??? I’m thinking about Eleven from Stranger Things, aka The Best Show Ever, but I’m not sure…If I do, I’ll have to find a blond wig, because no way am I shaving my head.


♥ Annie

Plan With Me: Bullet Journal Setup for October 2017 | Blossoms and Bullet Journals

2 thoughts on “Plan with Me | Bullet Journal Setup for October 2017

  1. Cute layout! I like your monthly spread. Eventually when I upgrade to an A5 I’ll be able to use that format (floating boxes). Right now space is too tight! And I’ll answer your questions 🙂

    Spreads… Monthly | Habit Trackers | Bill Tracker | Sleep & Water | Daily Thoughts | Memories & Gratitude | And then the weeklies have a snapshot event section with more space under each day for notes and tasks.

    Plans… Kind of? I plan my bujo far in advance (like months), so I have time to tweak and move things around. It’s different for my blog though. I have a general idea floating around in my head (like the topic to cover), and will jot down a quick word or two as a reminder. But typically I don’t plan out what I’m writing. For YouTube I plan out the weeks I’d like to film and post specific videos, but again they aren’t really planned ahead. Typically I end up changing my plans so it ends up being a waste of time. 😛


    1. Thank you!

      That’s really cool that you’re using a smaller format—I’ve seen a bunch of super cute little notebooks used for bullet journals.

      I really like the idea of a daily thoughts log! I sometimes write stuff like that in my dailies, but it’s hard to keep up with.

      I have the same problem with planning…that’s why I pan all my blog posts with sticky notes on a calendar spread so I can move ideas around.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful comment! ❤️


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