Introducing…My School Bullet Journal!

Introducing My School Bullet Journal!

It’s that time again…in two weeks, I’ll be going back to school. I am feeling a weird mix of extremely excited, kind of nervous because I’m going to a new school, and not quite ready for my precious summer to end. Double-dip feelings, as my elementary school teachers would say. There is one thing I am 100% super excited for though…


My school bullet journal!

Why have a school-issued planner when you can have a bullet journal? For me, at least, it’s a no-brainer. It will be so nice to be able to shape my own planning system for all of my tests and assignments. For this reason, I purchased a brand-new purple Leuchtturm notebook and will be using it only for school-related stuff. (I’ll be using it in addition to my regular bujo.) I’m hoping that this notebook will last me the whole school year.

I will keep you all updated on how my system is working once school starts, but for now, I’m going to be showing you the spreads that I’ve created so far.

Introducing...My School Bullet Journal!


The first spread I made was my schedule. It always takes me a little while to memorize which classes I have when, so this will be super helpful.

Introducing...My School Bullet Journal!

Year Overview

Next up is the future log, or year overview, as I’ve titled it. I have mini calendars for each of the months I’ll be in school, along with space for events and holidays.

Introducing...My School Bullet Journal!Introducing...My School Bullet Journal!

Monthly Spread

I’ve set up what is basically a normal monthly spread. My plan is to write down all of my homework, quizzes, and tests on this calendar. I’ve added a column on the right for upcoming assignments in October.

Introducing...My School Bullet Journal!Introducing...My School Bullet Journal!Introducing...My School Bullet Journal!

Weekly Spread

Instead of dailies, I will be using just weekly spreads. I’m going to be setting them up simply, with vertical columns for each day and minimal headers. As homework is assigned/tests are announced, I will write them in the column for the day they are due, along with any notes pertaining to the item. Here’s my first weekly, which is actually just a half-week:


How will these spreads work together?

I plan on writing every large test or assignment on my monthly calendar as soon as it’s assigned. Then, if an assignment is due within the current week, I will also write it on my weekly spread. Any and all homework will be written on my weekly spreads; if an assignment is due after the current week (e.g. if it’s due on the 20th but my weekly only goes up to the 18th) I’ll make a section of my weekly log titled ‘upcoming’ and write it there.

Because this is a bullet journal, which means that I have complete flexibility, I will probably sprinkle in collections throughout like project planning pages and more detailed lists of assignments for busier days. I know I say this a lot, but the great thing about bullet journaling is that you are free to add whatever you want, therefore allowing yourself to adapt your journal to fit what you need at the moment.

It is my hope that by utilizing this system, I will be able to know exactly what my assignments are and when they are do, which will allow me to plan out my assignments accordingly. Having a bullet journal for school will help me space out my work so I’m not cramming because I forgot about that history test tomorrow, or doing all of my weekend homework on Sunday because I didn’t think to start it during the week.

And that’s it! Short and sweet today! Are you a student? Do you use your bullet journal for school? Do you have any tips? Let’s chat in the comments!


♥ Annie

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11 thoughts on “Introducing…My School Bullet Journal!

  1. b u j o~o b s e s s e d

    Hey Annie! Love ur spreads!!
    I am in Year 7 this year and I only have a personal BuJo… Would you recommend me taking that with me to school?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, thank you! I’d say it really depends. If you think your personal bujo could be helpful for keeping track of school assignments, etc., and you’re not worried about bringing your journal back and forth, I would say go for it! You can always change your mind later if it doesn’t end up being helpful.


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  5. Hey Annie!
    This post is really cool! I am a student (next week I’ll be in 8th grade) and I don’t have a BuJo for school. But I do habe a Dokibook (it is a kind of Filofax) where I can put my seperate notes between my weekly spreads. That is really (I mean REALLY) helpfull. A tip: use a eraseable pen (like those from Muji vor Frixion) in your monthly spreads! Super helpfull!
    Have a nice day!

    Liked by 1 person

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