8 Monthly Layouts to Try

8 Monthly Layouts to Try

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great week so far. Recently, I was flipping through my first bullet journal and had the idea to write a post showcasing different monthly spreads I’ve used in the past. I think this will be a great way to show different ways to do monthly spreads, and also show you how my bullet journal has evolved over time. (Hey, bullet journal evolution, that’s an idea! I’ll make sure to jot it down in my bujo…)

8 Monthly Layouts to Try (1)

#1: Half of a month

This is the first monthly layout in my first ever bullet journal. If you ever start a bullet journal in the middle of the month, this is a great way to do it. Basically, it’s Ryder Carroll’s original monthly spread, but for half a month and with a habit tracker. I love that the habit tracker is on the same page as the monthly calendar—I wish I could do that more often, but this is the only time I’ve ever had a half a month on a spread. 😉


#2: Traditional monthly spread

This spread isn’t my favorite, but I thought I’d show it so you could see my interpretation of the traditional monthly spread for a full month.


#3: Boxes

I’m especially proud of this layout. I love how everything has its own little box…it’s so neat and organized!


#4: Traditional & Boxes Combo

This one is sort of a combination of the previous two layouts—the first page is a traditional monthly spread, and the other side has the little boxes with goals, etc. In case you were wondering, the big box with the spider web is a little week-by-week breakdown of the month. I still use something similar to that now, as you’ll see in my current monthly spread.


#5: Three columns

I guess there are really four columns, but there are three for marking down appointments and things. I wanted some more space for each day, so I took some inspiration from Boho Berry and drew up this little layout. Its three columns (all day, AM, and PM) give more space for writing down events and also helps organize which part of the day events take place in.


#6: Calendar

Last month, I read this post from Productive & Pretty and decided to try out the calendar style featured at the top of the post. I loved how it was minimal yet pretty, but ultimately, I decided not to use it again because there wasn’t a lot of space to write things down for each day.


#7: My current monthly layout

So far, I’m really liking my monthly layout for the month of March, which you may remember from my March Plan with Me post. Similar to the traditional and boxes combo layout (#4), it has a regular list with a line per day on one side, and smaller sections on the other. I have goals, tasks, my weekly breakdown, and a new section, highlights. I plan on filling this section with highlights from the month either throughout March or at the end of the month, sort of like a monthly memories page.


That’s it for today! What’s your favorite monthly layout? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. If you’re looking for even more monthly layout inspiration, check out my Pinterest board on the monthly spread.


♥ Annie

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